Dog Food recall


Posting this as a public service announcement for you pet lovers here:


That’s messed up. Seriously.


I read the article and kept asking myself, “Now why would anyone add such a low dose of pentobarbital to dog food? And why are people so worried about it when it obviously won’t have any effects? There’s no significant risk of barbiturate addiction at these levels …”

I was halfway through the article when, horror movie style, the terrible truth finally dawned on me.



Makes me feel even better about the money I spend on the fancy grain-free dog food with very clearly described all-natural ingredients.I’ll skimp on my food before I’ll skimp on my dogs’ stuff.


That is absolutely horrible! Like @magnet I wasn’t seeing where it was coming from until the comment from a vet, then holy crap, that reveal.

I had horrible problems with my dog when I initially had him in the first year. Lots of what seemed like allergy issues and sluggishness (from a dog not even a year old.) I went through about 4 brands during that time with horrible results, none in this list though. Then a friend suggested I make my own dog food. I thought that was a great idea, I could control everything. It did indeed work. I have an 11 year-old dog with very little health issues beyond being old for his breed.

BUT, let me tell you, once you do that, you are stuck into making dog food once a week … forever. They don’t retake to kibble at all and would rather not eat and vomit bile than be forced to miss out on their “food.”

I should have seen that part coming.


I made an actual grimace while reading that. Like in a movie.

Hugging my doggo a little tighter today.


So this is basically Soylent Green dog food.

God but some people need to be euthanized.


I’ve been through some rendering plants. They’re pretty awful. The sickening sweet smell never leaves your clothes, and it stays in your hair for several showers.


Now I’m wondering about cat foods.
Nothing mentioned there, but I would think many ingredients would be similar?

Never been inside one, but in a former job, I had to drive past one (45 miles out of town) six times per week. I haven’t been out there in many years, but I can still recall that distinctive smell. It’s like nothing else, and I could smell it a full mile before I got to it. One thing that recalls that smell is when I once opened up a tube of a Slim Jim that had been sitting in the cupboard a full year past its expiration date.


What are you from the future? Those things never expire!


I don’t buy the cheapest cat food or the most expensive. I’ve stuck with brands I’ve been using for years ago because years ago when a lot of people had to bury their pets and a huge recall pulled just tons of pet food from the shelves, my brands were not part of it. I know things can change over time, but I figured since they weren’t buying the cheapest shit they could find and part of that death based recall, I could relatively safely stick with them.

When we had dogs, we shifted a few times based on how they took to the food, and one of them had a severe skin rash with corn.


Trust me; that one did.


There’s a lot of moisture and fat in Slim Jim’s, I think. Actual jerky lasts for ever, but I wouldn’t mess around with Slim Jim’s.


Not really.


Not sure why the post about dog food recalls was flagged. That’s a legit site, as far as I know, and many breeders are really concerned about the quality of dog food these days.


I read the post and moved on. I don’t click on links posted by people who just joined. I figured someone would take the chance. :)


Here is the FDA link, just to be sure:


Heh, gotcha. I’ve been to a few sites that discuss/review dog food, to check up on what my beasts are eating. We’re actually thinking about cooking our own, which might be both healthier and cheaper.

Cooking the food, not the dogs.


We feed ours an increasing amount of “raw food”, which in this case is a mixture of raw meat, bones, organs, a bit of veg, and some kibble. There’s some pre-made / frozen raw food available at our local pet food outlet which rates highly, but the local butcher also has a “feed your dog” freezer with all kinds of offcuts. If we were more organised we’d make batches up and store them in the freezer.