Dog Soldiers go RENT!

After reading up on 28 Days heard of this other english horror movie thats been generally ignored in the states (came out last year). Its a rental dvd now, usually the lone copy dvd you see in the blockbuster/family videos. Anyway, its really cool… sorta like werewolves meets Predator and Aliens in Scotland.

The premise is of a British Army squad doing some training in the Scottish highlands and eventually meeting up with some werewolves… dont want to spoil it (thouch its pretty predictable imo).

Great horror movie. surprised it didn’t get any notice in America. The action is good, plus you get to see some cool guns!


For a few second opinions, there’s this thread.


Bah, the movie rocked. Its nothing original but the action and andrenaline was there. BTW, the sergeant in the movie is the son of the guy who played Dr. Who!!! That;s cooler than anything in Punch Drunk Dumb er Love!


I saw this on Sci Fi channel and was very disappointed. Long, pointless stretches and crappy special effects.

I thought the intensity of the last fight was awesome. Few films go that long without letting up.

Truly. This film also included one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a fight scene: the guy starts to box the werewolve and just kicks him in the face and one of it’s teeth zips across the room and buries itself into the wood. Very, very sweet.
I like movies like this because everyone acts ‘real’, I’d be doing some of the same things in that situation. It just has that intangible quality that many English indy films have.

lol I wanted to see dog soldiers bad and somehow i missed it. Then it was on scifi this weekend and my dad saw and calls me up telling me how good it was

It’s on Sci-Fi Channel ALL THE TIME. For an example, let’s take a look at tomorrow’s schedule:

12:00pm - Did Somebody Close To You Have A J In Their Name? No? How About a P? Okay, D? R? With John Edward

1:00pm - The Twilight Fucking Zone

2:00pm - The Outer Fucking Limits

3:00pm - MOVIE: Dog Soldiers

5:00pm - Scary Bitch Hosted By Shannen Doherty

6:00pm - Some Cult Movie You Kinda Liked Ten Years Ago Resurrected As A Shitty “Original Series”

7:00pm - Highlander: Praying For Death

8:00pm - MOVIE: Cyborg Mannequin (1999 - Erik Estrada, Pauly Shore)

10:00pm - UFO Files Uncovered AKA Home Movie Footage of Frisbees From The 1950s

11:00pm - Babylon 5

12:00am - MOVIE: Dog Soldiers

Repeat ad nauseum…

Now do Comedy Central.

Sci Fi channel rocks when they do Twilight Zone and Outer Limits - the OLD ones rock.


Come on, mount, this movie blew. Oh, and add “The Bunker” to your list of crappy British horror films that are justly ignored in the States yet have inexplicable praise from the cult nerd culture and a better idea than execution.

Cmon Doctor, Dog Soldiers isn’t bad. If you’re expecting something profound or enlightening, then yeah its just a B-flick. But even then I still found it entertaining! I just like the premise of soldiers with MP5’s and L85’s against werewolves too cool to pass up! Plus with the budget they had on this movie (doesn’t look like anything like recent crap horror movies from Hollywood) I think it looks really good. Fwiw, the movie is a complete ripoff of Aliens meets Predator with a bit of The Thing (Carpenters), and those movies I liked. It doesn’t pretend to be anything else except an action packed horror movie, and it does its job.


The difference is that “The Bunker” is a crap film, even by low-budget horror standards. Not enough menace and no pay-off. The flashback sequences of the executions look like they came from a better film, and the back-story kept struggling to be introduced, only to be dropped whenever something (actually nothing) happened.

“Deathwatch” is one my favourite recent ones. Again, it suffers from the same problems as the Bunker (and Identity in some ways) but it has great atmosphere, reasonable historical details, and a great over-the-top performance from Andy Serkis. I loved his spiked trench club, sword-pistol and goatskin vest. It could have used a few more quid, a tighter story and better sound editing, but it’s not like Great War horror films come out every week. They should though.

HOT DAMN! This makes me wish I had a TiVo to grab all of that quality content! :D


" sorta like werewolves meets Predator and Aliens in Scotland"

Except those were good movies.