Dom2 - Replacement needed in PBEM game

Seems everybody around here is in Dom2 hibernation so here’s your chance to shake off the cobwebs and strap on your Wraith Sword and take over one of the nations in a 16-player PBEM.

The game is random, anonomous, and no diplomacy with 3 hostings per week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights). We’re currently on turn 22. We’re using Zen’s rebalance mod and Turin’s national hero mod. The players are a mixed bag from novice to veteran.

Because it’s anon I have no idea which nation is available but I can get you the host’s email address and he’ll fill you in on the details.

The game thread is here if you’re interested. PashaDog is hosting the game.

Oh god. It’s like being married, only without any of the side benifits.

I like Dom2 and i loved the Email games i participated in, but really i think 1 or 2 is the most i can handle. Also investing dozens of hours and months of time, only to either have everyone slowly drop or have no chance from the first meeting because player X had the uber-build and everyone else futz’ed around with lower level stuff and got steamrolled without any possible resistance just sucks. I had two AAR’s i was writing, even creating graphics for, only to have their respective games vanish into the void; well :) my stamina is gone for Dom2.

Good luck though :wink: .

um…31 pages for a 22 turn game? Just asking, because that sound like a lot.

Looking at it that way - gosh, you’re right.

But - it took a long time to discuss how to organize and run an anonymous game, and then a long time to get all 17 players on board (and back from summer vacation).

Believe it or not, the game has run very smoothly once it got going. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Like ron said, 95% of that thread was just getting the game off the ground but it’s been flying fairly smoothly since.