Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

Not playing, I know, but just so I understand: does this refer to diplomacy agreements made outside the game?

There is no diplomacy in the game. Not a single thing. You can send messages and items to other players in Game, but they won’t see anything until the next turn.

So, you basically need to talk to other players out of game.

Got it. Sounds better than a bad diplomacy model that can be abused, so I like it!

Some communities have put up MP rules to follow in the past. I am flexible, but there are some main ones that we should adhere to like:

Trades should be binding. For example, if you negotiate having someone forge you an item and send them gems, they are obligated to make it and send it to you. If they lose that mage or have an unforeseen circumstance that prevents them from carrying it out, they should at least send the gems/gold back.

NAPs (Non Aggression Pact) historically aren’t always binding, but break them and you will gain an unfavorable reputation for future games (I am totally fine with making NAPs binding). Normally you negotiate a NAP-3 or some number that determines the amount of turns after a person verbally breaking the agreement that no aggression should occur.

No trading and flooding another player’s magic item vault with useless items (I guess this has been a problem in the past for it to be included in many rules… maybe if the vault is full any items the player makes that turn disappear?)

I will see if I can find a recent list. Others may have them handy too and can post them.

For @Bluddy though, most games have unlimited discussion and diplomacy outside of the game between players usually via PM or email although Discord and other messaging programs are really convenient too. Once in a while, MP games are set up with specific diplomacy rules agreed upon by the players. Like absolutely no Diplomacy, or only in game messaging Diplomacy (which only allows you one set of messages per turn and causes many delays). But yeah, diplomacy can get very complex and interesting if you pursue it. Like, you can have this province, but I want x gold and you go to war with x player. Establishing allies and trading partners can be a key element in winning a game.

EDIT: There also used to be a case where you could fight and charm/enslave an independent unit and then copy its commands that allowed them to target enemy mages or commanders directly, which isn’t a normal part of the game. Was it part of Bogus’s crew? That was normally considered an exploit and part of MP rules that you couldn’t copy them to your own commanders…

So, all 4 missing pretenders will be ready by Sunday? I can’t wait to get started! Machaka for the win!

With the lull, I did book a quick overnight trip that is happening Sunday/Monday. I think I’ll make it if the turn timer is at 24hrs initially, but can you keep an eye on it and bump an extension for me if needed?

I can.

With a new revolutionized plan, and a totally unpredictable pretender, Naba is in!

Running a bit behind. I might try to get my stuff in tomorrow.

I’m in. Just missing one last player.

@legowarriorr - Machaka
@pyrhic - Na’ba
@Evil_Steve - Ind
@Kelan - Abysia
@wahoo - Phaeacia Dark Ships
@Strato - Vanarus
@dfs - Pythium

Maybe we’ll start the first turn sometime on Monday.

Who else are we missing? I thought we had 7?

EDIT: Nevermind, I see that wahoo hasn’t submitted yet!

And we are all set!

Good Luck and have fun everyone!

I added 48 hours to the clock, but it is also on quick hosting.

This is to help us with the first turn, in case there are troubles with the map, the settings or the mod.

I just realize. Not a single water nation.

I turned off autohosting, so now it will host after 24 hours, even if everyone turns in early. I think this is better because it gives everyone a chance to revise the turn, as long its before the 24 hour limit.

Let me know if anyone needs an extension.

Dang it, I forgot to name my Prophet before I made him a prophet. My bad.

Okay, so it looks like I left on the Score.

Is having that a deal breaker for anyone?

Not a problem for me

Nor me