Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

Right you 'orrible schemers, I’m breaking my Topic Cherry to create the (mildly future-proofed) Dominions 5 Multiplayer Thread.

All things relating to ongoing Dom5 Multiplayer Games should be posted here.

All things relating to Dom5 itself should be posted Dominions 5.

QT3 Multiplayer games tend to use the Llamaserver

Let the scheming and back-stabbing commence!

ok, first game: so far I have…

evil steve

and one request for open diplo, which is fine by me

i’m leaning toward early age, cos i like me magic, but i’m easy.

perhaps, default settings for a new new game?

Map? Map size?

It may be too much to ask, especially as the game develops, but could there be screenshots?

How many to a game?

Players usually are encumbered with the expectation to report on the game at the end (including screenshots). :)

Usually 8-10? SO THERE’S ONE SLOT LEFT!!! ;)

(I’m not sure what everyone’s comfortable with, but we can start another)

Or at least diplo that isn’t in game only. Sometimes we call open diplo as in forum only for all to see, which would be okay too, but not necessarily what I meant.

If no one minds and the last slot isn’t taken, I’ll try my hand at it. It’s my first run at a MP game, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try. It helps it’s asynch.

Oh, I see how it is, @Evil_Steve. Quickly ramp up a new game while @Strato and I are still burnt out husks recovering from Wylde Ryde 2! (Fabulous Artifacts, Royalty and Thrones for Strato! ) And poor @BotBaddict doesn’t even know to apply for a spot in your cleverly worded new Thread!

Very well. If your game cannot make room for @BotBaddict and I, well I suppose we will have to make do by making snide remarks about the game from the sidelines. You know, "something something your troops are made out of Vegemite. "

I’m hoping this is intended as a newb friendly game. I’ve played in two MP games before (Dom4, of course) but still haven’t much of a clue about strategery.

Thanks for getting the thread going Evil_Steve!

I have no strong preferences one way or another for game settings, EA is fine with me. Otherwise, it makes sense to keep most of the settings default for our first game. I don’t remember what we usually aim for for maps sizes, 10-15 provinces per player?

I’m hoping for a newb friendly game too, it’s been probably about a year since I’ve played Dominions. Speaking of which…

Maybe having all diplomacy in thread would help for that.

it’s unlikely the game will get up till the new year, what with settings, race choices, pretender design etc, so why not have a few highballs and join in @Akaoni @Strato @BotBaddict

My thinking is to make the map quite small and the game quite quick?

I’ve been playing for years, and I’m still a newb, if that helps :)

@BotBaddict sorry, didn’t see your post: you’re IN!

Works for me.

Did strato even say he wanted to play? Last I thought I heard he was in deep rehab after wild ryde…

If ES’ game is intended to be more friendly for beginners, I’m happy to drop out of it and pop into something for the more experienced players, particularly if it makes room for someone who’s always wanted to play MP but never had the opportunity…

And we can either fire up another, or i can wait it out…

I’m in for the next one if we can be a bit relaxed on deadlines.

There’s no limit to the number of players (other than the number of nations), right?

And if we all want a short quick learning game, why don’t we just set the Apocolypse/Ragnarok/whatever counter to turn 40 or something ridiculously short like that? :D

Ha! Good one. I like that plan. :D

Am I still eligible to sign up for the MP session :D? Does time zone matter?