Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Yes, there’s sometimes indicators that you can go off like scales in the province or the composition/types of province defense (necromancy type thrones will likely have undead guardians etc)


On a slightly different and celebratory note, I just cast my first Dom 5 Ritual spell - Bramble Fort. It’s quite nice…

BOING! Instant fort! (I’m quite sure that’s the noise that resulted back in those days).

Will have to see if it’s an upgradable structure though.


I’m in the Furies game. Enjoying it a lot, even though I don’t really have a clue about some stuff.

Fer instance: Divine Blessing – does it bless only sacreds?

How can you figure out what Ritual Spells you’ve researched? Put another way, how do you tell a Ritual spell from a Combat spell when you look at the spell list?

On the mercenaries list, what are the single digit numbers next to the owners’ flags?

What’s the quickest way to get an overview of my nation’s units’ capabilities. For example, I want to find which units have stealth. I know I can click on each one, but that is tedious. Is there a quicker way? Does the Inspector do this?

So much to this game…


Yes, Divine Blessing only blesses sacred units. And if you summon sacreds later, they have to be blessed later as well ( the spell is a one time thing, lasts the battle on the sacreds that were present when the spell went off).

In the research screen, you right click on Conjuration, or Alteration, etc. The ones in white font you have researched. The grey ones you havent done yet.

In that same list, if there is a little pentagram next to the name of the spell, its a ritual.

The single digit numbers next to the owners of the mercs flags is how many more turns the mercs have been hired for that nation.

The inspector is what you want to get an overview of your units, correct.


Excellent. Thanks!


Yep. And if you want to try to steal mercs from another nation, put a bid in when there is a 1 present as the next turn they will be up for bid again. The nation that is the current owner gets 2x credit on their new bid to retain them so you have to overcome that if they decide they still want them and bid again.


QT3Lizzies Ur

So I took my final independent province, I think. Negotiations with Sauromantia led to him graciously agreeing that he would relinquish any claim on that province. As a consequence, I got to see a massive army led by a Devourer of Souls take a Throne province adjacent to me.

Ur took out a heavy calvary province by having the hapless Victors Villains sit in the middle of the combat map Behind on one side were my longbows; on the other, my sacred melee troops. Behind the villians were my fearsome Mushus, ready to hit the calvary after they expended their charge on the Villains. Prophet was off to the side, way in the back, doing a Divine Bless first turn then on stay behind troops. Everyone was near the rear for quicker retreat if it turned out that the province had a lot more heavy calvary than was reported. But it worked out fine- the Villians took all the casualties. Although my one Mushu, who had been previously Horror Marked, is now sporting 3 afflictions and might not make the march to another province.

In other news, it looks like Niefel holds the most provinces, with 12 (my scouts are everywhere, muahaahaaah!!) and they report that Rus is building a fortification on the border with Ctis.

One thing of concern to me, besides who will go to war first. My dominion on my western side is getting hammered by the crappy scales of Therodos and the cheap temples of Pan that are going up everywhere. I am not that concerned, since I can make my own temples, and I have 2 options to make H3 priests, but I need to watch it.
Other nations, like Kailasa and Rus, might not fare so well against Therodos’s dominion push.

Speaking of Rus, I have reached out to them and Ctis, just to say hi, and have received no response. That usually means they do not view me in a friendly light…perhaps a war is in the preparing.

Speaking of war, I predict that Niefel will make a push on Kailasa and/or Sauro, during the upcoming winter, i about four turns. You heard it here first!


Yes, watching everyone else’s big battles is definitely going to be entertaining this game! Get your scouts out and about, in order to get the best ringside seats!

It could glean you some helpful information, like a +4 attack skill blessing bonus on someone’s sacreds.


Bring on Niefel if that’s what they want, hydras counter giants quite nicely i find. However, I don’t think a war between Niefel and Sauro is in the cards…


Why always the fighting?


Wait, was that with an in-game message? I think I forgot to respond to that.


I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t super happy about you taking The Womb, but I’ve gotten over it (mostly).





Sorry, that was just my newb showing, I saw the message and then didn’t know how to reply to it.


Did you know that you can send messages, gold, gems, and even items to other players?
On the right side of the screen, the map view if you will, there is a button called Send Message. After you click on the button, you get a series of screens that guide you through sending stuff to others.
This is essential in multiplayer games. Say I want a thistle mace, but don’t have the gems, or whatever. I bargain with Pan, for instance, who might want something fire or air related. Or gold? Haggling commences.
Or I really need death gems, and have all these useless blood slaves lying around… trade to mictlan or lanka or sauromantia.
Or you could send messages of a text variety, but that’s pretty boring.


Sometimes you can get pretty complex trades going.

Let’s pretend I, as Pan, am about to hit Constr 2 and thus get access to Thistle maces. Through some otherworldly means I understand that Ur needs thistle maces…so I think, what so I need in trade?

I could ask for an air quill to help with research (always useful) since I don’t have much air magic available. Or I could ask for some blood slaves, since I have a bit of access to blood magic and don’t want to interrupt my gold supply by harvesting for slaves. On the other hand I have a decent death gem income and could trade some of those for the slaves, so could still get the air quills in return for thistle maces.

Or maybe some other air item…but will have to do some perusing to see what’s possible…

I should propose something to Ur soon…I shall have to dispatch a message to see what would be best.


Does Qt3Furies flip over tonight? If so, I need another day if possible. Sorry.

EDIT: Never mind. I can do it now, thanks.


Phew, that’s lucky. I exitended by 24, then got confused when the turn came in!


QTLizzies Ur
Well, not much has happened in the last few turns. My pretender and a pair of mages have been bouncing around site searching, resulting in another castle and Azure mages, and a handful of gems. My income is enough to buy a full set of sacreds, two mages, and a handful of longbowmen each turn, with some left over enough for infrastructure.
Which is direly needed, for temples! Both Pan and Therodos have been flexing their dominion muscles, and I have had to resort to building a few temples to counter. If those dont do it, I may have to consider other actions. Which would be interesting- Pan now controls about 13 or so provinces, including 2 thrones. The second throne he took much easier than the first, with the same force of sacred centaurs and Red.
I am kind of surprised that there doesnt seem to be much fighting out there yet. Hopefully that will change soon…

And lastly, its always good not to take the scouting reports on number too seriously. I had seen consistent reports of 60 barbarians in an indie province, so I sent in an army. Alas, there was actually 90 there. It was… painful.


QT3 Lizzies Ur
Its turn 17. I have 903 in income, with 213 in upkeep (most of my troops and mages are sacred, so much less upkeep costs).
I have 158 research points each month, which is probably a bit on the high side, since every researcher has an Owl Quill.
Research is concentrating on getting the last bit of Construction 4, then back to Evocation and Conjuration.

Thats the good news.
The bad news is that Pan, my friendly neighbor, is slowly converting my provinces from their friendly, thick headed, low browed selves into cavorting fools who are seeing way too many naked women! The ways of PAN are a SIN! Those naked women dont want you, they want to kill you!
Alas, with at least six temples to my three, my protestations fall on deaf ears. I move my prophet and pretender in to help bolster the dominion this turn. Otherwise…

PANGAEA! Your dark and demented, Taylor Swift like , depraved yet social, and generally hedonistic lifestyle cannot be tolerated inside the borders of We Prude Ur Than U. I hearby declare the beginning of the end to our NAP3.

In addition, I call upon all others to cast off the lure of endless waves of nubile naked women running at you, or frolicking with seductive nymphs in woodland glades, just…bad…oh yeah, baby, you’re a bad girl…I… where was I? Ah yes. BAD!

Join Ur in defending your purity, and just say NO to naked women!