Dominions Question please

The magic site ‘Entrance’ says it has a conjuration bonus of 20. What is it and how does it work?

It reduces the cost of spells cast in that province of the school by that percentage.

So 10 gem spell in Conjuration costs only 8 gems.

Thanks. Testing things in this game is very difficult because you can’t ‘save and test’ then ‘reload’ after you see the effect. I thought I was going to have to build a lab in the province then cast a conjuration spell to see if was a casting cost reduction or a summoning effect bonus. Of course, it would have been a big waste of time, resources and planning just to find out the effect.


Those magic bonus sites are awesome, I always build labs on them and exploit them if possible. Conjuration especially has tons of good spells and piling a bunch of mages on that site with monthly orders to conjure nasties is a lot more practical with a 20% reduction in costs.