Don't Ask, Don't Tell meets the first kiss on the pier

My guess is that they’re not screening for offensiveness (obviously); they’re screening to make sure no “libtard” comments get through. It’s hard to imagine what one could write that would be beyond the pale on that site.

These women are wearing wedding rings. I wonder if they got officially married somewhere and, if so, if they waited until DADT was repealed to do so. Having a secret girlfriend is one thing. Having a spouse you can’t introduce to your co-workers is another.

I wish the commanding officer’s quote had been a little better: “It’s going to happen and the crew’s going to enjoy it.” I’m sure that wasn’t as creepy when he said it as it reads.

Nope they definitely do screen for offensiveness. And they also deleted my account =(

Guess I’ll just have to make a new gmail account. Strenuous!

At first I assumed that this would be about two gay male sailors kissing and then I saw that hat and I was like girlfriend, no.

What is that thing? I’ve been wondering the same thing!

I mean I’ve seen some funky uniforms but I do not remember anything like that hat. Am I crazy? Did I not meet enough Navy ladies all dressed to the nines? Is it new? Who designed something so horrifying?

I love this picture, it makes me happy. Yay young love. :)

Very sweet.

Ah, Freep.

Ok, well the US military it is no longer.

I’m, just going to go ahead and call it the US fagitary.

Nice going, president Ohomo.

I’d say that there is a direct correlation between intelligence and ability to be impressed by “clever” misspellings.

This is just a beautiful moment.

That hat has been around for years as part of the US Navy female Dress Blues.

I think navies have long tradition of man on man action.

Also man on Indian, man on construction worker, man on police officer…

And above all, man on boy.

After all, having seceded from the Catholic church, the English paederasts then proceeded to form the second most powerful organization on Earth, the Royal Navy.

It is no coincidence that the Royal Navy grew in power and importance as England distanced herself from Rome. The pedos were congregating their evil will in a new safe haven.

How many of these years? Because I feel like I should really remember such an unattractive hat.

To quote one of the Republicans’ favorite heroes: “Don’t talk to me about naval tradition. It’s nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash.”

c’mon, every real man knows that those two are just trying to make all the men think about a threesome.

That started after Giffords was shot. They regularly had to get rid of dozens of comments every time there is some act of violence against the people they regularly advocate violence against so I guess now they’re just being proactive.

I remember there was once a long ass thread they had when another fake “real Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate” was released wherein they poured over it and kept listing all the ways it was TOTALLY REAL and how this would bring about Obama’s downfall and there was NO DOUBT and it was-then, within the hour, it turned out to be so fake in so many ways it was laughable and the debate then came to how the Mods of FREEP should scrub all the posts talking about how they fell for it so as to present a better image to the outside world.

The FREEP owners know they own a shithole infested with shit but only care about image ad begging for money every thirty seconds.

Not a fan of the Village People, then?

This page seems to lack the picture.

I’d hit it.

The cynic in me thinks the US Navy chose the two women as a good PR thing despite the “first kiss” being based on a lottery. Why not have two attractive women kissing instead of two butches or guys – it makes it more palatable for average person (“OMG HOT LESBIANS KISSING!”)