Don't Look Up - Leonardo DiCaprio in an Adam McKay comedy

And Jennifer Lawrence in her first major role since Red Sparrow (does Dark Phoenix count?) This actually looks pretty good. I’m on board.

Yeah, I’m in. Adam McKay has a great track record. Not sure about those newcomers in the starring roles, though.

This looks right up my alley, now I know what month I’m subscribing to Netflix!

I looked it up (without watching the trailer ---- that’s important!), and it’s December 2021. I’ll subscribe to Netflix that month too.

I’m always a little surprised to see the (or a) Space Shuttle show up in stuff nowadays. Gravity: The Movie came out two years after the last shuttle mission, and that mission was a decade ago. Even my toddler has a pair of jammies with shuttles all over it. Maybe rockets don’t command the popular imagination of what a real world spaceship looks like. (They used rockets in the Space Force show, but Space Force didn’t capture the popular imagination of what a show about Space Force would be like either.)

Maybe Don’t Look Up features a lovingly restored shuttle pressed into service again, like in that Cowboy Bebop episode.

Comedies are a tough sell for me, but this looks like it could be one of the good ones. At the very least the cast is a positive sign.

Interesting that DiCaprio and Hill have sort of met in the middle with the rest of us as far as body type goes.

This isn’t a comedy. It’s a documentary

This looks terrific. I hope it turns out to be one of the rare really good Netflix movies.

Yeah, I guess we’re ushering in a new wave of disaster movies that are more realistic in modern times. Instead of humanity joining arms to combat the impending asteroid or alien threat, we’re going to see people ignore it, suggest the asteroid is actually a good thing, or pretend it’s fake news.

I assume all new zombie movies will include scenes or people ignoring all warnings to go shopping as well as a group of people who say they don’t exist even as they are being actively eaten.

Me too. I’ll believe it when I see it, but I want this one to be good.

Armageddon in the age of Fake News. I like it.

Ryan George (pitch meeting guy) did something like that.
If 2020 Gave Us Zombies Instead Of A Pandemic - YouTube

On topic, the cast is crazy. Looking forward to adding it to my list and never getting around to watch it.

This is out? I should watch it. I have Netflix until Dec 16th. I’m glad that timing worked out.

Apparently it’s in theaters now, but not on Netflix until December 24.

I’ve been laughing about this over and over again since yesterday:

Jennifer Lawrence: “I was like, ‘We haven’t just been calling you goat this whole time.’”

I checked this out. As a satire/black comedy on the US political/social/media climate, it sort of drags it’s feet a bit and doesn’t quite reach the high peaks of something like Dr. Strangelove, but I still had a good enough time with it.

I thought it was painfully unfunny. A farce when it should have been a satire. Tone deaf, low-brow, and sometimes flat-out uncomfortable. And I’m not just talking about Jennifer Lawrence’s haircut.

I did like Mark Rylance and Timothy Chalamet though. They were both standouts in an otherwise bland comedic slurry. One day someone is going to make this generation’s Dr. Strangelove; it’s probably not going to be Adam McKay.


“I fucking love fingerling potatoes!”