Don't Look Up - Leonardo DiCaprio in an Adam McKay comedy

And Jennifer Lawrence in her first major role since Red Sparrow (does Dark Phoenix count?) This actually looks pretty good. I’m on board.

Yeah, I’m in. Adam McKay has a great track record. Not sure about those newcomers in the starring roles, though.

This looks right up my alley, now I know what month I’m subscribing to Netflix!

I looked it up (without watching the trailer ---- that’s important!), and it’s December 2021. I’ll subscribe to Netflix that month too.

I’m always a little surprised to see the (or a) Space Shuttle show up in stuff nowadays. Gravity: The Movie came out two years after the last shuttle mission, and that mission was a decade ago. Even my toddler has a pair of jammies with shuttles all over it. Maybe rockets don’t command the popular imagination of what a real world spaceship looks like. (They used rockets in the Space Force show, but Space Force didn’t capture the popular imagination of what a show about Space Force would be like either.)

Maybe Don’t Look Up features a lovingly restored shuttle pressed into service again, like in that Cowboy Bebop episode.

Comedies are a tough sell for me, but this looks like it could be one of the good ones. At the very least the cast is a positive sign.

Interesting that DiCaprio and Hill have sort of met in the middle with the rest of us as far as body type goes.