Don't wave a gun at police

Wow, did anyone else just see that high-speed pursuit on ABC7 (Los Angeles)?

Some idiot smoking a crack pipe and with four guns in his car led cops on a mad chase through Long Beach, at one point driving into oncoming traffic with his front tire blown.

He eventually bailed on the car with a pistol in his hand, and the cops just OWNED him. They had to pull the copter-cam out pretty fast because it sure wasn’t pretty.

Oh well, another piece of shit off the streets, I guess.

How dare you make a post without a video link.

I demand a link!

“Don’t wave a gun at police…” sounds reasonable.

I still like the video from last week of the sherrif running over the perp in his Bronco and then getting out, kneeling on his back and cuffing him.

Someone better find a video of this!

“If you have to shoot, shoot… don’t wave!”

Ogrish has the link, if you’re really interrested.

Usually police are allowed to ‘tap’ people with their vehicles but not to the extent of the video (or the other recently distributed video of the guy getting scrunched between a parking meter and the side of a police car).

— Alan

I really don’t think its cool to watch someone get killed in real life but maybe that’s just because i’m old fashioned.

Um, why did they chase him again?

Let’s splice this thread with the death penalty one and watch it sail off into space!

How about Zombie Nazi Dinosaurs? Can we throw those in there too?

That would make quite a movie.

McCullough- Uh, nobody else got hurt, so settle down on the kneejerk.

It was a stolen car from a home invasion robbery earlier this week.