Donut Burger

All the things I love put together and … BARF! Man, it’s just too much…

“The ballpark sandwich will include a hamburger topped with sharp cheddar cheese and two slices of bacon – all between a “bun” made of a sliced Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donut.”

That sounds incredibly wrong, but I so want to try it.

I heard a few years ago from a friend that there’s some restaurant in Texas famous for serving shit like this (super unhealthy food, that is). They had the donut burger (plus a breakfast burger, same thing plus a fried egg), and I think the other items he mentioned were corndog balls (instead of fries) and some white trash monte cristo called a chicken-fried ham and cheese.

Why don’t they just start with mayonase and lard shakes next time?

This is like the last meal thread, only without the need for the electric chair.

Bonus follow-up: There was mayo in the chicken-fried ham and cheese, which was what my friend ordered. Apparently the inside of the sandwich had some liquid from the ham sweating when it was cooked, so when he bit into it, warm mayo mixed with clear liquid splattered out over his chin and shirt.

…And then his uncle made a joke about him looking like the end of a porno. And his mom laughed.


That burger would be ten times better on a Devil’s Food donut versus a glazed donut.

Chocolately baconey cheesey with the bonus of ground beef. All the sweet and sour you can ask for in one place?

“We take eighteen ounces of sizzling ground beef, and soak it in rich,
creamery butter, then we top it off with bacon, ham, and a fried egg.
We call it the Good Morning Burger.”

I’m a total sucker for greasy diner breakfasts, but even I have to draw the line at a donut burger. I guess they’re trying to cram every possible flavor they can into one sandwich. The next step is obviously to dip the whole thing in batter, deep fry it, and provide a variety of dipping sauces.

Also, McGriddles are a breakfast abomination.

Then we wrap it in a soft flour tortilla with refried beans in-between. Then we wrap that in a savory corn tortilla with a middle layer of Monterey-Jack cheese. Then we take a deep-fried gordita shell, smear on a little of our special “guacamolito” sauce and wrap that around the outside. Then we bake it in a corn husk filled with pico de gallo, then wrap that in an authentic Parisian crepe, filled with egg, gruyere, merguez sausage and Portobello mushroom. After this, we take the whole thing and wrap that in a Chicago style deep dish meat lovers pizza! THEN, we roll it up in a blueberry pancake, dip it in batter and deep-fry it until it’s golden brown. Then we serve it all in a commemorative tote bag filled with spicy vegetarian chili.

[SIZE=1]*Special thanks to SNL.[/SIZE]


Any other Patton Oswalt fans?

Black Angus: Doors are locked from the outside, faggot.

The simpsons one was way better than the SNL one.

While I occasionally enjoy the combination of sweet and savory, I just want to ask one question…

Why would you fuck up a Krispy Kreme like that? That is just SO wrong. Bastards. What’s next, apple martinis?

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

Raife hates America. And kicks puppies.

Heh, I might kick a puppy if it was eating a McGriddle.

I would totally eat a donut burger.

krispy kreme = overrated

Best donuts in the world

Now if Donut Stop got together with Arnold Burger to make a donut burger, it would be worth going to Amarillo to eat one.

Man, just looking at the 24" Arnold Burger makes me hungry.

And the makin’ donuts movie… drools

There’s a couple of things you just can’t get outside of Amarillo, and it’s a damned shame.

Arnold Family Restaurant has a special deal with Mrs Baird’s to supply the massive buns they need for their burgers. Mix that with the free-range, organic, 100% grass-fed local beef they use… Drool.

Donut Stop started out buying this Premium Pastry Flour from a restaurant supply guy. When the guy was retiring, he told them, “Hey, you can buy the recipe from me, y’all were the only ones who used it, anyhow.” If there’s a better donut out there, I haven’t eaten it. Krispy Kreme is not it.