Doom 64 is eternal

Title Doom 64 is eternal
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When March 10, 2020

Doom 64, the often forgotten cousin of Doom is being revived for 2020, and will feature a new chapter. The new content will tie into Doom Eternal’s story and reveal just a bit more of the player character’s background…

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This is the Nintendo 64 version of Doom, no?

Yes. I always thought it was a port of the PC version of Doom to the N64, but apparently it was a whole new game with new levels, different from Doom 1 and 2 on PC.

Same here.

Figures Nintendo would shoot themselves in the foot by slapping ‘64’ on everything. The working title for DOOM 64 was ‘DOOM: The Absolution’, which sounds pretty bad-ass, and would have set it apart as a different game than just a straight DOOM port.

Also, the BFG 9000 is in DOOM 64, it just isn’t the ‘ultimate’ weapon anymore; that distinction is given to the ‘Unmaker’.

Even though Doom Eternal comes out tonight (or right now if you’re in New Zealand), this one doesn’t come out until tomorrow. A small part of me is actually looking forward to this one more than the new game.

It’s out! And so far, so good. I found a secret already, which gave me an achievement.

I finally died when I opened a room full of those beasts. Damn. How the hell am I supposed to kill all those? I wonder if I use the chainsaw, if it locks me in so that none of the others can attack me? Maybe?

Yup, chainsaw is amazing against those widev mouthed things.

Yep. I went back to that level and the chainsaw is devastating against those guys. You still have to be careful that they don’t get behind you, but it’s not that tough.

It’s kind of cool to be playing old-school Doom and new school Doom at the same time. This was the best pre-order bonus I’ve ever received with a game, I think.

(It’s only $5 for the people who didn’t pre-order btw, which is a steal).

I think this is free on Epic. Worth a look in this day and age?

I really enjoyed what I played. I think I got through about 5 or 6 levels before I got stuck somewhere. I should get back to it. It’s amazing how these old Doom games play so well using a controller in the modern age. They feel clunky with the mouse and keyboard since you can’t look up and down, but with the controller it feels perfect.

$1.24 on Steam today.

Enjoying the old school vibes. Except that I really miss up and down mouselook.