DotA 2: Beta test and extra passes

Yeah, I’ll throw my hat in the ring too. I’ll probably end up retrieving it Indy style, then possibly eating it, Herzog style.

I would like an invite.

I don’t truck with bunny haters.

I would love to get into the beta to troll beta testers with comments about how much better LOL is.

I’d love to check it out, please add me to the list.

I agree, DotA definitely needs an even worse community.

Please add me to the bottom of the list!

I applied for beta, I would like an invite if I don’t make it in. :(

I’d like an invite and to join the steam group. Reldan on Steam.

daisydog on Steam.

I like one to if possible, name is Falcon554 on steam or Falcon is my profile name.

Looks like they’ve started awarding keys. Some people on NeoGAF are indicating they got invites:

i want an invite ofc

And who the fuck are you?

I dunno, if I get an invite one of my spares is totally going to the guy who joined specifically to ask for one. I mean, that’s dedication, that is.

Please add me to the list of people that would like an invite!

Steam name is CastleBravo.

An invite would be great !

Invite to me :D

I feel I am especially qualified to be invited, since I started the Heroes of Newerth thread and handed out lots of invites to it :o)

My steam name is McMaster. If you want added to the Steam DotA2 group, add me to your friends and I’ll invite you

also: list updated! Sorry to the person with 1 post, but I left you off. Nothing personal, stick around and post and we’ll get you in