Dragon Age 4 - Before and after GaaS

By that metric Neverwinter Nights and Jade Empire are apparently their best games, at least for me :)

Inquisition was a great game, but it was a solid 20 hours of boring grindy MMO shit too long. I replayed and finally finished it and the DLCs in 2019 myself.

I own Andromeda but never bothered to play or even install it. Anthem I smelled something fishy and saved my money for once.

ME 1-3 and DA 1-3 were all good games, in different ways, and I enjoyed them in different ways too. I’ll hold good memories from all of them.

Andromeda isn’t a bad game, but wasn’t what I expected or wanted really. It was almost a “Mass Effect-like” that had licensed the Mass Effect lore/assets.

I think I would have been a lot happier if they just called it something else and I managed my expectations accordingly. It’s hard to say that of ME:A and not say the same thing of both ME2 and DA2 in which both cases had the formula changed significantly (and both the weakest of their respective series), but the characters/relationships in both saved those games. I think male Hawke single handedly saved DA2.

That article is full of all sorts of yikes.

The only voice that is irreplaceable is Morrigan. Claudia Black has no equal.

[cough] Varric [cough] oh, excuse me.

Yikes is right. Hoo boy.

You weren’t kidding.

These are both correct.

Everyone else in the universe is mostly window dressing.

I guess Flemeth might be in there, but honestly the character lost my interest after the first game when they just retconned everything about her.

Ellis had a worrying missing-persons-possible-self-harm incident last year so I sense he’s somewhat troubled.

Well, shit. No big loss. Just caught how he’s Trump-supporting garbage.

Terrible, but the in-character defense the V.O actor released on his Youtube channel is even worse!

I’m not going to watch or read any of this and kill the extremely limited interest I have left in this dying franchise. It’s already on life support.

Must be why it’s no longer public.

Some of his rambling defense, which also included a 8-minute montage about the George Floyd protests bookmarked with a speech by Ronald Reagan about the kind of neighborhood you want to live in, has been transcribed here. I can’t imagine Bioware will have anything to do with him going forward, especially after he read stuff like this out as Cullen:

“Greg and Cullen were summarily lumped together and generalized about due impart to the coincidence of skin pigmentation.”

“The manifest is filling up. The womanifest is filling up, too. Join me for this new adventure. Like. Follow. Subscribe. Plant your flag against cancel culture.”

“Black lives matter. And they don’t matter more than anyone else’s. I love…I love everyone. I support everyone’s life choice and decision to love whoever they please, and who identify with whatever gender they prefer.”

I feel exactly the same way about it. I had a really great time for a good while, then it really hit a wall.

Sounds like a lengthy cry for mental help. Not just because of views, but due to the obvious ramifications of airing them in that manner.

The video being private I hope is some family or someone else trying to get him help.

Has he been like this for years?

Cullen is ultimately a minor character across the whole series, there’s absolutely no reason Ellis would even be considered to be brought back.

His role was pretty big in DA: Inquistion. But I don’t think it was big enough that he needs to be in the next or couldn’t be recast.

Either way, it doesn’t matter to me, and the whole GAAS is off putting to me. Plus Bioware seems to be one game away from being closed.