Dreadnought (big spaceships, f2p team game, Yager dev)


Okay, This is a pretty good capital ship sim, its not super detailed, but I love the detail gone into the ships, weapons feel meaty unlike the other one where guns/weapons/combat is just weird. Its located in SPACE too, but also on land, and like Otagan says, this is for now not a MOBA.


My problem is the following. As a new player, this is what you see:

Tutorial level, heavily scripted, briefly explaining general things: Good
Forced pvp battle in a preset ship: bad
Full access to everything

Basically until you do that forced pvp battle with the preset ship, you can’t do ANYTHING, EVEN VIEW WHAT YOUR WEAPONS/ABILITIES DO!! This is beyond stupid.

Once you do get that forced battle done, then the game opens up. You can view tooltips on weapons, customize your ship, go in to an AI battle to mess with loudouts/practice.

I understand why they force you to use a preset ship, because customization can be kind of daunting, but it could have been handled better i think. Hopefully it will before release.

Also, equipment information needs to be a lot better. Particularly for primary vs secondary weapons. Sometimes the choice is obvious, use the short range at short range and the long range at long range, but other times they both sound the same.

I’m really liking it now.

As someone who bought in to get beta access, i will say that some of hero configs don’t seem good. Generally i think in the mid to long run, non hero ships are going to be a lot better.


Still playing a ton of this and likely will until Battleborn and hopefully again at release.


Anyone have an invite?


I’m sorry, I can’t see any invite system here, I just signed up ages ago and it suddenly popped up.
I don’t know if this game is my cup of tea in the long run, but its WAY more fun than world of warships, which I honestly thought I’d like more, but this is just more fun, ships have more stuff to do,I have a wide array of choices, and there is little that’s more fun to be able to activate that missile defense and watch those income barrages get shot down before they maul you a new one.


If you buy in you get friend invites.


I have two invites, but they are the kind that came from me paying and include some of the ‘real money’ for each person that uses the invite as well so I’d prefer to give them to people who will likely keep playing and not people who just want to try it out. Otherwise the Greybox points would be wasted


I think someone… Galadin maybe? finally invited me. Thank you!


So, this game is working? I tried to login a few times in the past days but it always says the servers are down.


I just got a couple more invites, still have the paid invites, but these are just access I think no points/ships included


quite a bit has changed since I last played, at least in the general game setup. seems to now have a World of Tanks style tier and tree system


There’s only supposed to be 3 ship types available to everyone, right? I’m not just stuck in the “non-payer” tier?


You are not stuck in the non paying tier, there isn’t really one.

they drastically changed a bunch of stuff since I played last. In the past you basically played , levelled up, unlocked more ships. Played a ship to unlock more unlocks for it.

Now it’s pretty much a direct translation of World of Tanks both with the tier system for matchmaking and the research trees. Basically just play one of the three you have, put your xp to use in the tree, eventually you unlock other ships.

Sent you a friend invite in game fwiw



I’m having some fun with this, despite the occasional crashes and sometimes long waits for a match. It’s basically World of Tanks deathmatch with inertia… and not quite so frantic.




One of the thing I didn’t like from this game is how focused on simple TDM was. It needed some cool objective mode, imo.

Have the game improved in that regard?


I’m liking the recruit level of this game. Tonight I’m 4 and 1. And the last one would have been a win if the PUG didn’t just go high and spread out. Stick together and win. Run away like a WOT skirmish and die.


I like the game, and visuals have really improved since I first played it. However I feel Cloud Pirates does the same gameplay better in almost every way. different visual style, but the gameplay and classes are almost identical.


So this seems to be in OPEN beta now on PC and PS4 since the summer, anyone still playing?

They recently put out a 1.10 update.


So this will be coming to STEAM in Q3 2018.