Dreamcast 2.0

From 1up, 23 eerie parallels between Xbox 360 and the Sega Dreamcast.


This list sure makes you think. It’s the MGS 4 comparison mixed with number 2 that gets me. The marketing department for Sony hasn’t changed much over the years and why should it?

Except that the public has had half a decade to learn from Sony’s past lies. There’s a great deal more skepticism about those video renders and MGS4 than there was in the previous generation.

my buying plans are the same as they were with DC. ie- ‘wait till it flops and buy everything for $5 when ps2(er, ps3) hits, then buy the ps2 after some games are out’

worked great back then, except that I ended up hating the ps2 more or less. But the DC at ‘failed system’ prices and a tons of under $10 games was awesome. And it did end up with just enough games to make me completely happy with it.

And I could care less about sega really, so I didnt mind it knocking them out of the hardware biz, same thing w/ MS, I can live without every game they’ve ever even thought of making or publishing, some are good but there isnt anything I’d miss if they dropped out of games due to getting smacked down at retail on the 360. halo bit.

The more console failures and the less hardware competition there is, consoel-wise, the better off I am, since I buy each console. Since the games still have competition, and the graphics are ‘good enough’ these days, I dont see any advantage to me to having the hardware makers compete.

Nintendo’s revolution might change my opinion, of course…

  1. Most DC games didn’t run on CE, they ran on a non-MS OS that I think was called “Dragon” or something. The games that did run off of CE sucked ass.

  2. A bit of a stretch.

  3. Also a bit of a stretch.

Really #10 on the “why it WILL succeed” is the only important one. Sega didn’t have the money to make a competitive console, period. MS has stupid amounts of cash and is a much healthier company right now than Sony.

Remember kids, Brute Force wasn’t just a game, it’s MS’ way of life!

I like how people keep quoting this article as if it’s a bad sign for the 360. Apparently folks aren’t reading the last couple lines of the article, or the next page, where they directly counter a good 25% of the first 23 points, and raise 10, far more relevant, reasons that it’ll be fine.

This is the third or fourth message board I’ve seen this pop up on today, in the same exact fashion.

In the end, it was EA that killed the Dreamcast. EA supports the X360, so all is well.

Also stretches: #6, #8 (SegaNet didn’t launch until 2001), #11 (actually #11 is just wrong, since the Dreamcast had no HD support), #12. Some of the similarities could be applied to the PS3 as easily as they could be to the 360. And I’ve never heard Microsoft “promise” the 360 will eventually support HD DVD, just some vague proclamations that they’re looking into it.

I don’t believe anyone’s taking this seriously at all. I thought it was just a fluff piece that’s kind of amusing, and proportionately relevant.

Seems like they were just joking around to me. I bet I could come up wtih 23 parrallels easily given ANY two consoles.

Given the way all the hardcore gamers talk about their total love of the Dreamcast and how it was the “best console evar!!” you would think everyone would be thrilled to have a Dreamcast 2.0 - especially one with the financial backing and third party support the DC never had. (shrug)

Page 2, #3 & #10 are right on the money. And #3 might as well have been “went with a funky tile-based rendering scheme instead of the expected 3Dfx solution, prompting EA to say ‘good luck with that tile thing, let us know how it works out for you.’”

Well, reasons I love the Dreamcast:

  • It’s an incredible bargain at this point, because the games are essentially current gen and the system only costs $30.
  • No region coding.
  • Very homebrew-friendly.

That’s off the top of my head. The 360 is sure none of those.

The games are what made Dreamcast great. It really had nothing to do with the hardware. Sega pulled out all the stops and there were so many awesome arcade conversions that it simply became one of the best systems of all-time IMO.

I really don’t think we’ll be getting that kind of game support from Microsoft. Their internal studios are no Sega.

I’ll be happy to get even one Phantom Dust out of the 360.


Yeah, it’s definitely a light hearted article. A color comparison and a bald guy is all you need to notice that. That said, I think both pages bring up good points.

Page one notes that Sony’s incredibly successful marketing isn’t likely to change for this go around.

Page two points out that a successful predecessor, EA, and a buttload of cash (exactly how much is a buttload?) may very well make the difference for Sega, I mean Microsoft.

I think you are being more than a little pessimistic here. Microsoft’s internal studios aren’t Sega but with folks like Rare and Bungie hanging out under Microsoft’s umbrella, I don’t think we’ll be complaining about the lack of Sonic games.

In my opinion, Microsoft has done a much better initial job of drumming up software for the console, probably due to the success of the Xbox. The 360 will like see more support in Japan, for one. Maybe that will bring you two sequels to Phantom Dust.

Rare haven’t done anything of value in the last five years.

Bungie are great for Halo and Halo 2 though a lot of folks really aren’t in love with Halo 2 either.

They have some decent game potential on 360, but it’s no Dreamcast. The arcade factor alone will never be the same.


I’m still more worried about Sony’s real problems then I am about Microsoft’s made up ones. For me as a consumer the worst thing that can happen is either side actually winning.

Speaking of, I just bought that horrible piece of shit for $4.99 on a bargain table. Didn’t think I could go wrong at that price.

I thought wrong.

I got a free copy with my X-Box. I also got the player guide.

Still not worth it.