Driftland : The Magic is Revival

Skirmish mode turns into Free Game
Together with Nomads, we are significantly expanding the options for creating your own game and influencing its rules far beyond the current possibilities.

It was mentioned in a developer post on Steam: here

Ah, looks cool. OK then, things to look into. Thanks LK!

I was impressed with the stretch of my empire to finish the final Dwarf mission.

The maps are huge in this game.

And the Dwarf campaign is done , with that the final campaign has unlocked so onward to that an a sorta new race , the Wild Elves.

@DeepT I’d give it another shot, it might grow on you, and you know you can manually save as much as you want. :)

@robc04 did you decided on getting it with the monthly humble choice?

I’ve been reading this thread with the ebbs and flows of your opinion of it, along with others chiming in. When nothing really strongly grabs me in humble choice I tend to wait until the last minute so I haven’t claimed any games yet.

I may try it in skirmish mode. Maybe Ill give it another try at some point.

And finished, I ended up really enjoying this. Well worth the price of the monthly humble choice. Steam says I played for just over 40 hours.

The final mission was really challenging!
Overall the Dwarves were my favorite faction. :)

Dwarves are always the best!

Congrats on the completion. Maybe someday I’ll finish the campaign.

Devs go and make a new game mode and add more skirmish stuff for free… Now version 2.0!

I see its 75% off during the summer sale, I would say thats a good deal!

Ohh nice find, time to revisit with a proper tutorial.


So, is it worth it?

Considering it’s dirt cheap and you’ll likely get your money’s worth out of it, yes?

I reinstalled and dabbled with the Nomads. They’re fun so far, though I don’t know exactly why the developers felt the need to include a “regular” RTS mode of control? Still, value for money, I’d say.

I ended up enjoying it, the dwarves were the most fun to play as with all their little flying machines.

Bumping because Steam just informed me this offer is back on, and for £5.94 I’ll take the plunge.

It is on my wish-list after all.

edit: turns out I have managed to scrounge together £0.99 from selling steam cards, so I get a discount on the discount…:D

  • Map editor
  • Steam Workshop
  • Minimap
  • Nomads mode is now a separate DLC pack

So, I was a huge majesty fan. If I mostly like to putter around making a weird magic city and seeing what my heroes get up to as a explore a map, is this a good fit, or is it more along the lines of Northgard (which has a very necessary decide-and-execute model for pushing to victory.)?

It’s more direct than Majesty in that your heroes don’t act on their own without bounties or upgrade themselves. The worker management and expansion decisions are similar to Northgard, though much busier and less constrained. Mostly you build and manage resources until you can flood the map with units. It’s still a nice game, and well worth the $6 sale price, just don’t expect it to play like Majesty.

Thanks. Still chasing that (distant, fondly regarding my little kingdom trundling along) high.

You can always try the nomads for free:

They play as a more classic RTS setup.

Looks like a demo for this (%thread title%) has arrived, so I’ll check it out. I like the way the game looks, but we’ll see if it’s my cup of tea or not.