Drive-Away Dolls - Margaret Qualley in a Coen Bro Movie

Saw this trailer in front of Asteroid City, and I am 1,000% on board.

Still can’t get over that absence of a plural, but I’m obviously in!

Wow, now that’s a trailer! In!

Certainly looks Coen.

If one Coen brother can make a Coen Brothers movie, I’m ok if they each start making movies. We get double the Coen Brothers movies!

One Coen Brother’s movie, another Coen Brother’s movie: two Coen brother’s movies!

Bill Camp is awesome in everything.

I’m in.

Very much so. From the color palette to the quirky characters and dress to the campy lines. And lets not forget as in anything else these days, Pedro Pascal and a sleeper cameo, this time Matt Damon. This is either going to be a huge hit or a huge miss.

I’m timidly in.

Looks awesome

I feel like that trailer gave us 90% of Pedro’s involvement in the movie. As well as Bill Camp’s.

and probably 100% of Matt Damon. But I love cameos like that to be honest.