Driver letter gone with new 7 install

So my Windows build fucks up, and I decide to install Windows 7 anew, and remove some of the older HDDs I had. I now only have two 1TB HDDs, a Seagate, and a Western Digital black.

I install Windows 7 on the Seagate, no problems. However when I actually boot into Windows, although it recognizes my black drive fine, no drive letter will be assigned to it. So I can’t access any of its data.

Have you tried to use the disk managment utility to add a drive letter?

Yes I did, however I couldn’t find it.

Perhaps it’s because Windows 7 hides some system files?

Go to Computer -> (right-click) -> Manage -> Disk Management. You can also find it by typing “Disk Management” into the search box, but the search result actually says something like “Create and format hard disk partitions”, not Disk Management.

Did the trick, thanks!

While we’re at it, the reason I formatted is because I wanted to change the size of some partitions on one of my older HDDs, one onto which my XP and 7 partitions were set. I used some Paragon software to do it.

It required a reboot, and then after all the data was moved, at the “creating partition” step, it hung up. I waited 20, 30 minutes for some progress to show up on screen, but to no avail.

Upon rebooting, I discovered that the three partitions were gone, instead there was just three “blank” areas.¸

I don’t really have much important data on these partitions in the first place, but I might have a few old game saves left on the drive which I’d like to get back. How should I go about getting the data back, can that be done?

I’ve become a little wary of Paragon, after what it has done to my system…