Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight


I think homicide actually covers manslaughter, murder and justifiable homicide. I’m just following the thought process which is essentially this bureaucrat prevented a physician from pursuing the treatment he/she wanted to pursue, a treatment that may or may not have saved someone or maybe just pro-long their life… is that homicide?

Here, not getting access to specific drugs, regardless of what a physician wants to use, happens all the time due to the ability to pay for that drug (aka insurance won’t cover it and the patient can’t or won’t pay out of pocket).

Anyway, please do keep us up to date on the story if you can and are willing of course.


Yeah, that’s the whole point. Is it homicide? This is an expert (doctor) telling a manager that a patient needs a treatment or they will die. The veracity of the doctor’s statement does not matter, since that’s the expert information the manager had, and it was not challenged. So his decision to deny treatment is done under advise that delay will cause a death.

They didn’t claim uncertainty of outcome for the denial, just budgetary reasons, so the uncertainty of outcome does not matter to determine intent.

I honestly don’t know if it constitutes homicide, but it is a mighty interesting dilemma. Will update.


Depends on the wording of the laws and precedent. It very easily could be.



One day I’m going to buy the System Shock license and raise the price of the game to $750.



Can we seriously put those jackasses at Mylan in jail already? Christ, those greedy bastards will be the first against the wall. Right next to the heads of BoA.


I think that the stinger at the end there is important, however.

Sanofi no longer produces Auvi-Q. In 2015, around 500,000 units of the drug were recalled over dosing concerns, and it has not returned to pharmacies since.

It sounds like they didn’t have a good enough product, on top of the competition from Mylan.


Recalls happen all the time in the medical field. That’s why it’s important to keep track of the lot number amongst other things. How many cars have a recall these days? Do we assume all the auto makers are unworthy because if them?

What this company did should be illegal.


Trump missed a trick not nominating Shkreli for HHS.




So it seems when you have strong regulations (and public healthcare) these kind of practices do not fly, or at least, they can seriously be countered. The European Union just opened an investigation into Aspen Pharma raising prices for cancer medicines beyond what could be deemed reasonable for profits and edging into abusing a dominant market position.

Italy already fined the company last year, but this is an EU wide inquiry, in part triggered by Italy’s decision.

Also, this is not for on-patent medicines, which are strictly regulated so prices can’t be just increased. this is because a company abused its market position to increase the price of an off-patent medicine (which are not as regulated).allowed to increase


Speaking of regulations and because there isn’t another place to put this, I will put this here

Long story short: General Hospital gave one of their characters a very rare disease that just happens to be treated by a drug that a company with ties to show makes… which might make this one potentially illegal advertisement for a drug.



This is the world we live in, pharmaceutical manufacturers can just…

At one gathering, executives shared their concerns with Mylan’s chairman, Robert Coury.

Mr. Coury replied that he was untroubled. He raised both his middle fingers and explained, using colorful language, that anyone criticizing Mylan, including its employees, ought to go copulate with themselves. Critics in Congress and on Wall Street, he said, should do the same. And regulators at the Food and Drug Administration? They, too, deserved a round of anatomically challenging self-fulfillment.

Wow. Martin Shkreli was allegedly holding Mr. Coury’s drink while this was said.




Really, it’s not “let them eat cake” so much as “tell them to go fuck themselves and die in the streets while I live the big life”. It’s pretty similar anyways.

I’m sure it will work out well for them! :)


With nothing but my own instincts here, I’m gonna predict that we’re on the verge of seeing some major shit change with corporations.

These guys are acting like Marie Antoinette. They’re reaching too far, too publicly. They aren’t even pretending to care about fair play, or being non-shitty people.

Eventually, this stuff boils over, and it’s starting to feel like we’re getting close to that point.

I honestly don’t know if this is going to be good. I kind of fear that it will be really, really bad.

Some degree of economic self interest makes industry more efficient. It makes stuff work better than the alternative… But we’re seeing stuff get to the point where it’s no longer really working that well for society. But I fear that we’ll see a backlash, where we go way too far in the other direction.

But I feel like something is coming in the next 10 years.


We avoided nearly collapsing into a Communist state by addressing those issues back in the 30’s. But now it’s been long enough that those in power have forgotten about it and think they can do whatever they want. They think money = power, but that’s only because the majority agree that money means anything and that busting down your door and murdering you is wrong.

They forget we outnumber them several thousand times over and own most of the guns.

They should ask Louis XVI or Czar Nicholas how that story ends, but history isn’t their strong suit.


Which is why there is trickle down economics. As long as some trickling happens, the day of reckoning can be postponed indefinately. < /sarcasm >

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