Drug running on this panamanian schooner

got back early this morning from a trip down to boutwell auditorium in birmingham, alabama to see the pixies perform. it was a great show. they played almost every song i wanted to hear live and performed very, very well. it had been mentioned by others who had seen earlier performances of this tour that the band just came out, played their songs and then exited. this was not so much the case last night. we, the adoring audience, were treated to lots of joking amongst the band members. they genuinely seemed happy to perform for us. it’s been about fourteen years since i last saw the pixies and i honestly felt that they haven’t lost a step at all. that sound, the vibe…it’s all still there. for those of you who will catch the pixies at a later date, all i can say is enjoy. i know you will.

p.s. i think i’m in love with kim again.