DS games for kids

My 7 year old cousin is going to be in the hospital for a week - he’s got cistic fibrosis and has some sort of infection they’ve got to deliver IV drugs for.

The upshot is he’s going to be bored as hell. He’s got a Nintendo DS, and my folks want to send him some games. Can you guys recommend me a few games that are appropriate for a 7 yr old boy? Bonus points if you can recommend some for his 5 year old sister too; since we’ll have to send her something as well. :D

If he likes puzzle games Meteos is a sure bet, as well as tetris DS. Mario Kart might be good as well. What kind of games does he like?

Lunar Knights, both kirby games, Yoshis Island, N.Super Mario Bros., Bust a Move (slingshot style! it’s cool!) Elite Beat Agents (or quendan if you want to make him cool) are all great. Mario Kart would also be great.

If he’s like me at 7 and loves evil dead etc… or at least can handle tiny animated gore, the 2 castlevania games are great, ff6 for GBA, ff3, pheonix wright (I’d have put it above but all cases are murders)

And cooking mama if he is secure in his manliness, it’s pretty fun.