Duck & Cover, the sequel

Graphics in a nuclear preparedness site suggest that a person half a block from a terrorist nuclear blast could escape around a corner or shelter inside the building. But such a blast could destroy everything within three-quarters of a mile, nuclear specialists say.

Thanks to the airplane-style escape art, I feel safer already.

Calm as Hindu cows.

A shadow imprinted on concrete needs an escape route ?

Time for another Fallout sequel… with updated cartoons!

I’m making sure to stock an extra GECK.

Just to be sure.

Is the handbook actually talking about a nuclear detonation or just the now-famous “dirty bomb” which is a conventional bomb that throws radioactive detritus everywhere? Honest question, because the latter is much more easily escapable.

I’ve heard you have plenty of time to run from a nucleur explosion. In fact you have extra time to consider your options.

That’s the nuke page we’re making fun of. The post-blast info is good, but it’s mixed in with the moronic “what to do in the middle of the shock wave” stuff. Yeah, “stand behind a wall of lead” helps, thanks

That’s the dirty bomb page. Less silly, but I’ve still got to wonder wtf is up with the “shielding helps” thing. Does running into a lead building after the blast really help?

Only if you run faster than the radiation.

Dirty bombs don’t really produce radiation though. You take a bunch of radioactive matter and scatter it like fine dust all over the place with a big (and relatively small moving) explosion. No waves of radiation or EMPs or anything are created like with actual nukes. In fact, if one is in a reasonably airtight area, the dirty bomb would really be fairly ineffective. A car would probably work well as long as the conventional bomb didn’t blast out the windows. Then once the explosion was done you could drive away. The only concern would be like radioactive particles of dust on your car or coming in through your A/C.

Rounding a corner on a bomb like this would be extremely beneficial. Doing so for a real nuke would only make you die tired.

In case of world war three.

Hide inside this tiny house.