Dune: Spice Wars: RTS? 4X? Or something else entirely?

I expect a dozen dlcs. :)

Hahaha. Right? How many Great Houses are there anyway?

Too many!

Northgard was neat if boardgamey, kind of a Settlers 7 vibe (though obviously much more on the RTS end of the spectrum than the city-builder end). Moderately interested!

Hmm Northgard fell flat for me, but it is Dune, so I’m sure I’ll end up buying it anyway.

Looking at it with interest! Northgard was a great ‘slow RTS’, so this could be a great ‘slow real time 4x’.

Yeah, I’m cautiously optimistic. The thing I liked about Northgard is they did things a little different, it didn’t feel like Yet Another RTS Like I’ve Been Playing For 20+ Years. I’m interested in seeing what they do here.

I mostly have lost interest in RTS as a genre, but I am intrigued by the idea.

Definitely excited for this. We (I?) need more Dune games in my life.

Have you played Dune Imperium? I quite liked it!

Is this what happened to the Dune survival rpg that they talked about quite some years ago? If so, then thats really sad.

Looks like that’s still in development, though info on it is pretty thin on the ground. Funcom’s DUNE MMO is still happening, just picked up a co-developer: NUKKLEAR | Massively Overpowered

Okay, everyone stop bumping this thread until Dune: Spice Wars is out of early access and has attained its full 1.0 glory! I don’t need to be reminded of this for at least a year or so.


Sure thing

Dune: Spice Wars

Sequel to…?

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

There is a preview in RPS

edit and gameplay video

It looks more Northgard-y than I expected. Which… actually makes sense, no reason for them to radically change the formula.

Me do want!

Oooo, borders, and was that strategic zoom! The units / combat almost looks Kohan-like. In!

They mentioned 4 factions starting out.

Now, Ordos doesn’t really exist in the books, so I can see them skipping it. On the other hand… I grew with Ordos. Ordos is my team. So, I am hopefully.