Dusty Gaming Room w/ New PC

Good morning Qt3ers! I have a new NZXT and I want to treat it better than the last one (which is still running at 4+ years, but relocated elsewhere in the house).

My gaming room (subterranean mancave/rathole) is down in our basement. Our house is pretty dark and dusty as it is, but more so below ground. The furnace is also down here in the utility room. To give you an idea on how much dust there is down here, the kitty litter pan is in with the furnace (there is plenty of dust from that) and it has given us issues over the years when the dust accumulates on (um, maybe furnace igniters, can’t remember the exact term) and dust accumulates also on the utility room floor pretty quickly, noticeably within a few week period.

There are ancient ceiling ducts that I couldn’t force closed (I suppose I could tape some cardboard over them). I do have a small dehumidifier down here that I use during spring and summer but I don’t think it does much with any dust.

The new rig is all white and has three of its fans mounted on a cut away panel near the front, and after a few weeks I already noticed dark dust on the outside as the fans pull air into the computer.

Apologies for the long winded explanation, but, I know you all are more tech minded than me and you’ve helped me many times before with my “issues”.

What kind of solution would you suggest? Could it be as simple as getting some kind of air purification device and just place it right next to the PC so it gets the dust before it gets to the PC?

PS I like to burn some incense down here from time to time (kind of funky down here) so that would also be a plus as I know the smoke isn’t good for PCs or consoles.

Does the machine itself have dust filters? As long as you clean them periodically that’ll get most of it. You’ll still get some inside so a manual clean will probably be necessary at some stage. If you have one of those unfiltered cases, er… Get filters :-)

You can see the cutaway panel on front … it’s honeycombed, and that’s where I was seeing the dust accumulate on the outside that I wiped away the other day. Are those “filters”? There’s also a honeycombed panel on top with the water cooling apparatus and another fan next to it …


They make DIY magnetic mesh filters, 12 bucks on Amazon:

Amazon.com: MoKo 400x300mm DIY PC Case Dust Mesh Filter, [4 Pack] PVC Dustproof Magnetic Dust Filter Cover, PC Mesh Grill with Magnetic Frame Strip Computer Cooler Fan Dust Filter for Computer PC Case, Black : Electronics

Thank you Alistair and HideousRex - for a simple (and less expensive) solution to my drama :)

The coways are ok I have 3 of them. But you want to vacuum a lot. And give the room a good clean once. Start dusting from the top down. Use wet rag if you prefer.

Problem is furnace and cats will be constant sources of dust but at least you’ll be at a cleaner baseline

If there is alot of dust in the air I would recommend an air purifier regardless of whether you have a pc there or not. It will help with pc dust as well.

That’s exactly what I do as my office is very dusty. Hopefully your case has grills/filters that you can vacuum.

Thank you everyone for suggestions! Likely also getting purifier(s). My wife has a lot of sinus and scent issues and I hope that can help her too …

This might be a cheap option too