Dwarf Fortress: Very Ambitious Roguelike


Awesome! Thank you, sir. I will check those out.


I’ve never been a fan of Dwarf Therapist. I guess maybe because I was already so used to doing it manually by the time it came along. But I feel like I do a better job on my own because, perhaps ironically, I find the UI in Dwarf Therapist incredibly annoying :) I feel like once you hit the point where there are so many dwarves that you would need a tool like that, being super precise about who is assigned to what no longer really matters. Especially now that you can make really specific work orders like make this exact item out of that exact material, etc. If you want a specific dwarf to do the job, just restrict the workshop so only that dwarf can use it. Easy!



Oooh, is that a dwarf cover band for the Soggy Bottom Boys?


“I am a dwarf of constant sorrow!”


FYI, someone unaffiliated with the dev has released a remote client for iOS.


In today’s hacking climate I’m not sure I’d ever install remote client software voluntarily that accesses my home computer, even though that would be awesome when I’m in the hospital.


No idea how it works, but somebody in that thread mentioned running it on a digital ocean droplet for 5 bucks a month.


I ran the remote client for a bit on a Digital Ocean instance. It worked like a champ.


I’m going to keep this bookmarked. If it’s easy to get all this going, the $5 to cover several weeks in hospital would be so worth it.



If only US politics treated its frothing mad leaders to such decisive action.


Werehare Mayor.

Engiish is weird.


We all know Fikod rigged this to happen.



Well, that was something.



Annnnd someone found Boatmurdered inside Stellaris. This is kind of awesome :)


Holy. Shit.


I’m… all teary.