Dying Light: Bad Blood - Multiplayer spinoff game



Standalone MP game coming in 2018.


Tell me there is some of that sweet sweet battle royale in there!


You better believe it!


I will gladly try it, the shooting though for me has always been the weak part of the series.


Here it is:


SIX PLAYERS? Jesus effing christ, that is the very definition of not getting it.


I’ve actually been enjoying the Battle Royale type games with smaller numbers and lots of PVE. Games like Hunt Showdown have been more interesting to me than the all out free for all of 100 players. I like mostly fighting the AI and environment before going against other players.

Also anyone that just copies pastes the popular formula is going to have a tough uphill battle against the momentum of PUBG and Fortnite.


I agree that there is plenty of room for smaller player counts in these types of games. 6 might be a bit low but Hunt definitely works at 10 quite well as does Darwin Project


I played the beta of Darwin Project and enjoyed it. More than I enjoyed Fornite Royale or H1Z1, which are the only BR games I’ve played.


How cool would it have been if it was say 6 player, but one was a spy trying to sneak the virus out, and you all had to survive and try to get out of the city, but also discover who the traitor was.


The Director concept is really good. Getting 11 people together for a private game is something I’ve only managed twice so far, but having the Director be someone who knows all the people in the round and is a good egg really elevates the game.


my experience with the directory was usually that I make it to the top 2 and prepare to face off with the last other guy then get a good hit on him and the director gives him full heal, invulnerability shield and speed boost and I die. Made me quit playing.


I thought Darwin Project’s focus on survival (building fires, crafting, hunting) were really neat for a Battle Royale game but the actual combat between people was really rough, loose, sloppy, and unsatisfying. I’m glad I got to try it for 2 hours on the Xbox. Unless they tighten that stuff up, it’s an easy pass for me.


Rate the Director down in that instance. As soon as a Director has less than a 2.3 rating they cannot use powers that directly affect a single player any more.


console doesn’t or at least didn’t have that at the time I played. Only PC did. when I played on PC the same thing happened and they hadn’t added the rating then either.