E3 2005 - quest for floorspace

It seems as though I may actually be attending this year. It also seems as though every single company ever created for the production and distribution of videogames will also be there. I, much like the companies who’ve not gotten a spot on the show floor, and in turmoil.

So, while this thread should be dedicated to discussing this year’s events, anticipations, and worries, I’d also like to open it up with a request for a floor to lay my sleeping bag and a driveway in which to park my car. Or hotel room floor. I’ll chip in for a portion of the bill, treat you to diner, etc. It seems that the hotels are just as packed as the show floors.

Drop me a PM if you’re feeling generous, and spare these poor readers from reading the boring details of room coordination.

Anyway, I am dying to see all the new consoles, and the newest DS toys.