E3 Season 2022: Summer Game Fest and more

I just saw a bit about Ara, the new Civ game. They said 'coming to PCv, so I guess that isn’t on console.

An article noted Valheim is coming to PC GP this fall, and it is coming to Xbox next spring- the Xbox version will be fully cross-play between Xbox, windows, and steam versions.



That’s a good looking Civ game. Hopefully their interface is easier to intuit than Humankind.

It’s from the creators of Ashes of Singularity, they had a solid modern engine since years ago.

Knowing that, they surely having a ‘smooth zoom’, SupCom style, to go from here

to here

Knight Witch is also Spanish, if that matters to you!

(the American Arcadia devs are lovely people, so do play that)

Just for the sake of posterity, since no one will care about this except me:

The Guerrilla Collective stream had at least one nice update on an intriguing beat 'em up called Varvarion:

It looks bizarre in a good way, and it seems to be coming along nicely. Solo dev so probably finished in about 6 years.

Do want! That looks amazing.

Here’s some demos to try, they all sound intriguing. Even before I read the article, I tried Metal Gunslinger already and really enjoyed it.

My only complaint with Metal Gunslinger is that I have trouble filtering out the other sounds to concentrate on the beat. But when I do manage to get in the groove it’s awesome. It’s Doom 2016 gameplay but with rhythm timing.

Interesting, here’s a list of 15 from Kotaku with surprisingly little overlap with the Destruction list.

Final Fantasy Celebration thingie. I just got home, so I missed it, just starting to watch this one.


  • FF VII Remake Integrade coming to Steam tomorrow
  • Will be compatible and run on Steam Deck
  • They showed off some cool merchandise available, like an alarm clock that looks like Cloud’s sword
  • They looked at a couple of FFVII games on mobile which, frankly, look completely bonkers
  • Crisis Core: FFVII coming to consoles and PC this winter, is this a remake of a PSP game or something? Anyway, looks pretty much like a PS4 generation game, very impressive. Some really funny dialog in this one, perhaps unintentional
  • Finally last item: Part 2 of Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming, FF7 Rebirth. PS5. “Next Winter”. What does that mean? Winter 2023? Or Winter 2022?

Capcom also announced they are working on Dragon’s Dogma 2 in their stream while the FF7 stream was happening!

Today was the best day of SGF 2022.

Late 2023/Early 2024.

Here’s the Nintendo Direct in two days, finally.

But wait, it’s only about one game? That’s disappointing.

One more thing, says Creative Assembly, before we all disperse. We’re working on a sci-fi shooter, like we teased, but it’s not a sequel to Alien Isolation. It’s some multiplayer heist thingie.

Hey guys, remember that awesome thing we made that you all loved? Yeah well we aren’t doing that anymore.

Sad trombone.

Seems kind of similar to sunk-without-trace Brink.


It’s Brink + LawBreakers ! :P

Yay, we’re getting a Nintendo Direct after all, other than that one about Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Tomorrow. Focused on 3rd party games.

I enjoyed Brink. Pretty much the last competitive shooter I sank any time into.