EA hearts Xbox 360

Well, at least if we go by revenue. In Q3, Xbox 360 sales were 50% of their revenue:

Xbox 360 - $218 million
PlayStation 2 - $73 million
Nintendo Wii - $59 million
Nintendo DS - $47 million
PlayStation Portable - $21 million
PlayStation 3 - $17 million

Wonder why pc wasn’t listed.


Somebody couldnt be stuffed copying and pasting far enough in the quarterly.

PC did $79 million for the quarter in question. eg. the second bext platform after X360. Please revert general level of domedness back to Green / Yellow. All of that was probably from selling the Sims in seventy different types of packaging of course…

Also TOTAL revenue for the quarter (not just consoles) was $640 million. So X360 is 34% of their revenue, not 50%. I am sure they still heart X360 very much though.

They did make more money on cell phone games than PSP or PS3 games :-) :-)