EA Sports Fight Night 3 -- A new preview video!


What is interesting is that it seems as if the game will be coming out on the Xbox and PS2. I had thought that it was only coming out for the Xbox360 and PS3. I wonder if the only thing that will separate the versions are the graphics. Would the gameplay and features be the same between the Xbox and Xbox360? I was hoping for something truly next generation in terms of gameplay as well as graphics.

Well, I guess I might not need to get an Xbox360 afterall unless there are some other games that are going to be interesting. So far the current lineup doesn’t seem all that great–at least according to the reviews. I think COD2 was the only game that has over 90% on Gamerankings.


This is very good news for those of use (ie, me) who love Fight Night but won’t move on to the next generation until it’s nearly dead from old age.

I’m still waiting for some proper impressions of the game though. Fancy graphics won’t sell me this game and I skipped Fight Night 2 because I didn’t see a reason to upgrade since I didn’t want to play cut man and haymakers sounded pretty lame.

Yeah, I liked Fight Night 2, but the Haymakers were the worst part of the game. Hopefully, FN3 has a better solution to making the AI fighters more challenging.