EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour '13



What is up with these golfers and their whack names?

what, its not like is name is Rory McIlrory. That would just be silly.

That was a tournament performance he’ll be lucky to ever get near again, wish I could have watched more of it. But with Tiger’s image rather tarnished and his game in question, I could see EA going after the new guy with the nicer image eventually.

Tiger needs to grow the Fu-Manchu mustache and wear all black and be the villain. He might as well go all-in.

Then Rory could be the good guy, wear shamrocks on his shirt or something. Get sponsored by Notre Dame.

That was a tournament performance ANYONE would be lucky to get near again.

Seeing how well he did at the Masters until its spectacular implosion, it wouldn’t be shocking to see him at the top of the leaderboard again. and again. and again…

Then half the country would hate him…

Topping the leader board? yeah he’ll have quite the career no doubt. But totally Crushing the leader board like this weekend? We’ll have to see if he can pull out something like that again. I for one, look forward to our new Irish golf overlord.

Analysis: http://espn.go.com/espn/grantland/story/_/id/6680477/relative-dominance

Yeah, it doesn’t really compare to Tiger’s Pebble Beach win. When no one else in the entire field is under par and you’re -12 under, that is absolute domination.

Rory dominated, no doubt, but it’s not as impressive as Tiger’s win.

It was also a bad showing for a U.S. Open golf course. The scores were too low.