Early access game like No Man's Sky - you build starship... has solar system?

I just read about this 2 hours ago and already I can’t remember the name of the game nor where I read the artclle. These are the details I remember:

  • It’s early access on Steam (I think).
  • They talked about building a ship that has real physics. So things you add on will effect how it flies.
  • Currently they are focusing on a solar system that is much more detailed than No Man’s Sky, and later they plan to scale up.

I wanted to put it on my wishlist, but that’ll be hard to do when I can’t figure out what it is - LOL.

Space Engineers?

Celestial Command?


I’m going to guess this is it.

Osiris New Dawn?

Has anyone mentioned Populous?

Empyrion appears to be it!

Empyrion is half off this week.