Echo Bazaar ditches Facebook

Title Echo Bazaar ditches Facebook
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When March 26, 2012

That headline is misleading in a couple of ways. First, the game Echo Bazaar, a cannily uncanny union of writing, RPGing, and world building, is no longer called Echo Bazaar. Now it's called Fallen London, after the name of the place where it's been set all along..

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I have utterly failed to maintain an interest in this game, unfortunately. I got thrown in jail at some point and keep looping back through the same series of missions and failing because I need twenty doodads to pay somebody off to spirit me away to freedom. I mean, it's obviously well written and I like the world they're putting together but I think I've just fallen in a forgotten hole in the game and I just don't enjoy the effort required to climb out. Bummer.

how important is the social stuff, I looked at this back when you had the writer (is that right role?) on the podcast but I don't have a facebook account.

I like the name Echo Bazaar way more than I do Fallen London.

I had the same experience. You need 17 thingymabobs to do something, so you repeatedly do some other thing over and over to get them, only to find your stat x is 4 when it needs to be 20, so you do something else over and over etc. etc. ad nauseum.

the writing is great, but there doesn't seem to be much game to it, and the repetition is dull. granted, I only gave it a few hours over a couple of attempts, so I may have missed something.

If you max scandal/nightmares/other negative stats, use the opportunity cards, not the storylets. It's get out of jail free. Well, in 20 actions or so.