Warning: May cause leprosy.

Pfffft, leprosy is a price I’m willing to pay if that’s what it takes to see the magnificent armored tapir outside of a zoo or museum once again.

Tapir? That’s an armored chihuahua, dude.



Wiki: Earlier, German settlers in Texas would often refer to the armadillo as Panzerschwein (“armored pig”). [citation needed]

Nature’s speed bump.

So this thread is just Jason randomly informing us that he thinks armadillos are gross?

And a leprosy carrying apocalypse.

Gross? They’re cute!

I love Armadillos! I think their ears are one of the cutest things evers.

This just seems too cool for words.

My old apartment building used to have a resident armadillo. Living in Texas my whole life I’ve only seen a live one once or twice in a zoo but never out in the wild. It would burrow in the bushes and sometimes hang out eating bugs attracted to the lights in the hallway by my door. On the day I moved out I saw it flattened by the complex gate :(

Oh no! :(

Armadillos are about as weird as land animals get (outside of Australia and New Zealand, because, come on), up there with the star-nose mole.

Which came first? The armor plates or the tucking-your-head-in-your-ass?

Living in Austin? Weird. I grew up in San Marcos and I saw those ugly leprous bastards all the time. Granted, about half the time they were flattened lumps of goo and shoe leather in the middle of the road, but I still saw a few walking around on the side of the road, waiting to be run over.

I grew up in Texarkana (the Arkansas side; my parents had the good sense to get me out of Texas shortly after birth) and they were everywhere. My grandpa taught me how to use a gun by shooting them out of his garden.

Then what was up with the "Augh"s? That’s not a happy sound.

Another reason why I love the German language