Elden Ring: a thread specifically for spoilers

Okay, hit the first major boss I’ve encountered (Margit, The Fell Omen) and I think I’ll bounce and spend some time exploring and leveling up before expending any real effort into tackling them. When in doubt, grind.

I played this until 3 am last night, and it’s good.

One thing of note, is that when the little bonfires sometimes tell you where the next one is, via the little grace sparkley stream? It is really pointing exactly at the next one…and content in the map is very, very dense. And it’s not marked until you find it.

I had missed finding the church initially, and just found another bonfire later on down the line. I totally could have seen the church, but I was kind of distracted by the freaking tree knight or whatever that dude is called, and then I got distracted by other stuff, and snuck off into the wilderness, without realizing that the “next” bonfire was really pretty close.

In that particular case, I think it’s kind of important to stop at that church, because it’s got a merchant that can sell you important stuff.

Anyone else on PS5 keep getting constantly kicked off PSN?

Does the ability to summon spirits come after Stormgate or before and I am missing it? I have 2 spirit summons so far.

This is the spoiler thread, right?

Go back to the chapel at night.

And like that I have it - thanks so much.

I have a blue spiritual door symbol on the left side of my screen. Any idea what that is?

That means you are able to summon spirits in that area. If you don’t see the icon, you can’t summon.

This stuff belongs in the main thread. I’ll copy it over.

For Dragon Incantations you need a mixture of Faith and Arcane.

I got one of the Swordsword keys and went back to the initial area with the gargoyle statue. Tried to open it with the key and it says I don’t have enough. Do I need more than 1 or am I doing something wrong?

I think, and this is just speculation on my part because I also have not opened it yet, that the number of little gargoyles on the statue may indicate how many keys you need.

That statue has 2, so I’m thinking you need 2 keys.

Loving it so far! But damn, Stormveil Castle is pouring a beatdown on me. Definitely more accessible than some of From’s other games, but not any easier.

Makes sense, thanks

Having a rough time with my dex class. I checked out some areas, but it looks like I need to push through stormgate. Before that, I defeated the Beastman in the cave after 5-6 tries.

What are summon spells? Is this class dependent? Where do I get them? I am still in Limgrave. I have my horese and can level up. I think I leveled up 2-3 times.

Keep exploring. I think youre going to be under leveled for the castle. There are a bunch of little dungeons you can still explore.

I’m definitely having a tough time with dex

Surprisingly the horse is not a Destrier. George R R Martin must be rolling over in his money hats

So outside the Stormfoot Catacombs there is a creepy statue on a hill of a guy with a long neck. Can’t seem to do anything with him. I found another creepy statue guy near a ravine/river (near Murkwater Coast grace site) and I could investigate him. He gave me a little poem and a beam of light went down further into the gully. I havnt explored it yet, but I was wondering why one statue did something and the other didnt.

My fav streamer (Macaclops) started his Elden Ring play through and totally got off the trail, transported by magic to a mining town and then through swamps to a ghost city and was trapped, not allow to travel for a good hour… wow, spoiled a bit, but I am glad it did not happen to me… he didn’t even get to do Limgrave until he could travel back.

I have seen two teleportation traps. There’s the one that takes you to the mines, which many people seem to be finding. That one took me a good 45 minutes to get out of because I made the foolish assumption that going up would take me out of the mine. Then there’s a second one that took me to, near as I can figure, the absolute top of the map. It’s a big map.

Thankfully, the second one spit me out right next to a grace. No escape required.