Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

I never played DS3 but apparently the PvP provided at the Coliseums is very much like that was. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and up to 6 at a time free-for-all brawls.

They also show players using spirit summons in the arena.

I know that they did release a PvP balance patch a couple months ago that, if I remember correctly, just globally reduced damage taken in PvP. I have serious doubts any of this changed the fundamental un-funness of anything, but I am curious if any of our Qt3ers still have Elden Ring installed and are willing to give it a try!

I will be obligated to try out PvP once a full expansion comes out to at least report from the trenches. I just don’t get the urge to download a big file onto my Steam Deck right now when I’m pretty sure I’m going to uninstall it right after.

I saw a summary that talked about how each of the three coliseums allow for different types of PvP. One of them is team-based, the second is one-versus-one, and the third coliseum is free-for-all that allows you to use spirit summons.

I enjoyed PvP in DS3, although I admit my kill to get killed ratio wasn’t very good. It is fun on groups but my problem with ER PvP has been the OP weapons.

I will try the colosseums a few times.

So I tried the arenas and they were fun. I went 2-8 in duels, but I didn’t use a special build or anything, I never ran into anyone who did anything crazy, which is good.

My character is a level 164 mage that really isn’t very mage like in PvP, so respeccing would probably be a good thing.

I did get into a 4 player with summons free for all that was fun. It is timed and when you die you get reborn at full health. Pretty crazy couple of minutes.

So I recently finished playing FFXII (I know, like 15 years too late) and I’m looking for my next big RPG fix (JRPG or otherwise). I’ve got Elden Rings and Persona 5 both installed on my Xbox ready to play but I can’t decide which one to dig into first. Any thoughts?

Elden Ring is a large open world game based on the formula put forward by the Dark Souls series. If you are patient and don’t mind dying then give it a chance.

It’s somewhat fun but I wish they put in a damage modifier. I get why in the normal game the damage has to be so high, because there’s so many defense options and too much/too quick healing. But in the arena you don’t have most of that.

Also team battles with spirits are really bad about momentum because when you die your spirit goes too, and there’s no respawn protection so you might die if you try to resummon it right away. Probably works better in free for all but I haven’t tried it yet.

As I understand it the modified PvP rules should have higher base damage but less damage on other effects. I didn’t notice anything worse though.

Do you want to play a turn-based combat game, or an open world action game?

Both are superb, but very different things.

Elden Ring is magical, or at least it was for me. I found Persona 5 to be tedious and pretty annoying, but I’m in the minority there apparently.

I love both of those games and have played through them both at least 3 times. knowing what I know about them I would suggest this: Play Elden Ring now. Play Persona 5 after.

Elden Ring is the current hotness and some of the fantastic gameplay in that title is online multiplayer. So play now, while it’s hot and it’s winning awards and there are 500,000 potential other players that can join you on your crusade. Then, after a few months of that go play Persona 5, which was the best JRPG I’ve ever played, has great characters, a really good turn based combat system, and no online components to speak of.

Same. I wanted to play a Persona game. Not deal with my character going to high school, taking classes, and tests?? Needless to say, I didn’t get very far in the game. I have over 350 hours in Elden Ring. I used to dislike Souls games, but now I can’t get enough Elden Ring.

I try to distance myself from popularity, so I’m surprised how elated I am that Elden Ring earned top honors at The Game Awards. I’m so happy for Miyazaki and all of the team at FromSoftware.

Agreed. I didn’t care until I saw that Miyazaki cared, and he said it meant a lot to his team. So I’m really glad he won now.

But they didn’t announce a DLC. 😭

They didn’t not announce DLC either tho

I expect there will be one eventually. All DS games have at least one.

All the Demon’s Souls games have none.