Elder Sign: Omens: Monterey Jack and the case of the ancient relics

Title Elder Sign: Omens: Monterey Jack and the case of the ancient relics
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game diaries
When January 19, 2012

Ancient relics? Monterey Jack knows ancient relics, even if they're guarded by a high priest. He's got his cigarettes and his two magic books. Lighting up and reading a page from The Nameless Cults, he rolls the dice..

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I have never wanted to be an eldritch statue more than when I look at that picture.

So, played my first game last night. Man, I was so close to winning! The random investigators I got were a team of super-humans (2 healers, one for sanity and one for stamina) plus Ashcan Pete for scrounging and the crazy professor to turn Terror symbols into Lore symbols. Things were looking really good, too, until I got screwed when a Doom +2 Midnight event activated immediately before midnight.

I ended up losing with 13 elder signs and one of my characters holding 10 dollars ready to just buy the final sign and seal the Ancient One.

I feel for you fring. Oh man. I was so close this last game... I had 1 more Elder Sign to save the world, all my people still hale and healthy and weapons loaded. Sure I had 11 doom tokens but it was dawn (lots of time before the next doom delivery at midnight). Only one location open with an elder sign, and I made sure there were no doom tokens in the "fail box".... so no risk right?
I figured I had time to load everyone in there for the Focus bonuses. But Old Psychic Lady didn't need it. She breezed through the all the tasks using up one of her red books and 3 out of her 6(!) clues. I giggled in anticipation of my first win.... Whuh, that slideshow oesn't look any different from the "You Lose" ones.... YOU HAVE BEEN DEVOURED???? WHAT THE....
As I stare at the score screen in shock (is that what sanity loss is like??) I try to piece together what happened. Did I get a doom token for winning that task? And does getting the last doom token trump getting the last Elder Sign? That's the only thing I could think of. Man, these Elder Ones are so unfair....

Also... Mr Chick, that last line nearly made me spill my coffee. Well done. If the mechanics of a game enables me as a player to weave compelling stories and sympathize with my characters, does it matter that I was playing a child's game the whole time?

Yeah, I'm not comfortable with how sexy that picture is. I think it makes me fail a sanity check.

Oh man you'll pay for this Chick. In fact, you're already paying for it with "Edler Sign: Omens" which I can only assume is the licensed Israeli version of the game.

Also, while you were probably writing that last night, I was winning a game.

Of checkers?