Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


Thanks for the video! I totally need to try that!


Mining has been dramatically improved. The new scanner means you can find hotspots around rings more easily, identifying which minerals are more likely to be found. Then once in the ring you use a pulse scanner to identify which asteroids are likely to have the best resources, so finding stuff worth mining is certainly easier than it used to be. Then for an asteroid you have three new mining tools to extract materials, one from the surface (which just means blasting at the encrusted deposit), one from sub-surface (where you drill down and detonate once the scanner reveals a deposit), and one from core, where you identify fissures (once you find an asteroid with them), place charges at those fissures to get the optimal blast intensity, and then sit back as it blows the asteroid apart, then pick up the minerals or use methods 1 and 2 above to get to them. These core minerals are highly profitable. Plus blowing up asteroids is just plain fun. And with collection limpets you just sit back and let them hoover up the moolah while you extract more minerals.


If it’s not too much trouble to ask, would you mind putting together (or posting) your build? I just got my Asp Explorer and been running passengers, but I’d like to try mining a bit to see if it’s more interesting to me.

I think you can link builds at Coriolis:



I’ll try and do that tonight my time, it’s probably easier to import it using EDMC which I have downloaded but not installed. I warn you though, it’s not as though I put a huge amount of thought into optimising it! It was more a case of “Well, I need this, this, this and this, oh yes, and one of these, and I guess one of these, and that seems to work and the power distributor can handle it, right off we go!”

Last night I tweaked it slightly to improve it, but hopefully it should help. The main thing I’d like is to engineer the thrusters on this thing - it drives like a boat, literally, so much of my mining is “AAARRGH! SLOW DOWN!” as I head inexorably towards an asteroid. I’m so used to the Cobra, this is trickier to drive.

I’m still figuring out the best way of finding asteroids with fissures that you can core mine. The pulse wave scanner gives you a guide, and I’m slowly learning to read it, but the rate at which you find fissured asteroids obviously depends on the location. Once you find one though, it’s woohoo time.


Ok, here’s my mining Asp Explorer. I’ve no idea whether this is remotely optimal, but it works. The main drawback is the poor jump range, which I may have to work on, because getting those Void Opals somewhere with decent prices is a lot more stressful if it takes 15 jumps to get there!

Speaking of which, my cargo hold is currently full of Void Opals and Low Temperature Diamonds. I feel vulnerable, especially playing in Open! I have to find somewhere to sell them, and fast.

Scanning asteroids and finding one packed full of Void Opals is quite thrilling. Screwing up the seismic charge placement, however, is not.

I love the little details in this game, such as when you destroy an ice asteroid and fly into the debris field, your canopy glass freezes over. Nice.


That’s lovely.

Maybe I can outfit my Cobra to do some mining for a change. I do love flying the ship around for a small amount of time.


Thanks! I’m a lot less concerned about optimal right now than just being able to do something. I only get a limited time to play and I’ve found myself sitting down to do some changes and wasting a ton of time trying to filter out ship builds that were out of date due to patches and the like. This will be a big help.

And I hear you about the AspX and how it feels. I moved up from an Adder and it’s definitely a lot more sluggish. After my first trip out with my passenger build I immediately upgraded the thrusters and dropped in the docking computer because of it. Helped some, but still takes some getting used to.


I did some mining yesterday, and it’s a hoot in the Cobra, especially since I have a ministick on my throttle for up/down/side-to-side thrusters. Combine that with a switch on my joystick for forward and backward thrusters, and I can do full 6DOF movement around a target asteroid. It’s a hoot.

Elite is one of those games that’s almost enough to convince me to go for VR goggles. I can’t imagine that experience isn’t worth having.

I have a bit of cash lying around, so I might buy a Dolphin and try some passenger transport to break up the routine of cargo transport.


I’m hoping there’s another ship out there that I fall in love with like the Cobra, basically a better, larger Cobra. The AspX is not it. It’s far more functional for certain tasks, but there’s more to life than pure functionality. ;)

I’ve only flown four ships to date (Sidey, Cobra, Dolphin, AspX) so I have plenty more time to look. I also think that engineering the thrusters on this AspX might be enough to make me love it. It sure helped with the Cobra, the equivalent of dropping the suspension and installing a supercharger into the engine. :)

I may drop the weapon hardpoints to save weight and just install more defences. There are pirates hanging around that the stock AspX doesn’t have much hope against. Actually my strategy so far with NPC pilots is to carry a few things of lesser value and drop them when requested. “Oh sure, have some… uh… Bauxite! Look at the way it glisters in the light of the three suns…”

The shield units are super useful, incidentally. Explodinating asteroids can do considerable damage if you’re too close, having better shielding really helps (plus you can move in closer which is more awesome when it blows up, because I’m all about the kaboom).


This news about mining has made me interested in returning to E:D. I own the base game only, and haven’t played in about year because, frankly, it was so hard to make money trading or mining. Is this new mining available if you only own the base game?


I’m glad that they seem to have improved mining and made it a profitable pursuit, but do you still have to pretty much sacrifice most of your equipment slots for it, say in an Asp Explorer?


Yes it is. There was a bug where you couldn’t buy mining tools outside of Horizons, but they patched that a couple of days ago.

Most of them, I guess. Check the build I posted yesterday to see what’s involved. However, I don’t know how long this has been in the game but you can store any modules you remove from a ship and even get them transferred between stations. So basically I can remove all the mining equipment from my AspX, swap them out for other modules better suited to travel and defence, and then run the loot I’ve collected to another system in far fewer jumps, then swap it back out again once I get to the new system if I like. It takes a little while for things to transfer, but it’s much better than it used to be.

And yes, it’s a lot more profitable. Last night’s haul, about an hour’s worth of work once I found a suitable ice ring, will net me around 35 million credits.


If you can afford it, I highly recommend trying the Krait MkII and/or the Python. The python is the next good multirole ship like the cobra and asp that you can load out for whatever suits your fancy, but for me it lacks in speed and maneuverability. (That said, it makes for an excellent miner.) With some concessions to internals, the krait fixes that, while still allowing for a decent jump range and a fighter bay.


Or sacrifice the fighter bay and get a Krait Phantom perhaps? I can afford both, although probably not to outfit either of them properly yet. Another batch of Void Opals should do the trick.


I haven’t tried the Krait Phantom out yet but I completely lurve the Krait MkII, and if you’re enjoying mining, I would start there. That said, the Phantom is somewhat comparable to the Asp for exploring, so maybe I should get around to seeing if I can’t trick one out to exceed my exploring ship’s generous 50+ Ly jump range.


Much as I like the idea of mining, I’m finding it a little frustrating—a few hours of scouring void opal and low-temperature diamond hotspots in San Tu, and as far as I can tell, zero fissure asteroids.


I played a bit more of this after 3 years of not playing it. They have added more busy work in the form of community goals but the core gameplay has not changed. I’ll have to try one of those new descent clones to get my 3D combat fix.


Overload is great, and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw should be fantastic. If you’ve not played Freespace 2, that above all else.


I’m having more success now that I’m being more selective, finding systems with low or no populations, and going to rings that are further from the main stellar body. Apparently other players mining these areas will reduce the chance of you finding fissure asteroids, so it’s best to try and find something out of the way. I’m over in the “western” edge of the bubble, having decent luck finding good sites. I’m getting to the point where I can pull up to a site, and within a few minutes know whether I’m likely to get anything - there are certain types of asteroids and patterns that yield fissures, and when I don’t see any at all I usually leave. They’re rare enough that it’s a real thrill to find one, but no so rare that I give up in frustration. When you find a good system you’ll be cursing not buying a larger cargo bay (or more limpet drones!).

Yeah, ED is a slow burn, it’s not the game I’d suggest if you’re after a 3D combat fix. Brian has the right of it: Overload, and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. I know you mentioned enjoying Everspace which is the only reason I’m not including that.


Ok, this is what you’re looking for:

In the pulse scanner they’re quite dramatically different in appearance from asteroids with surface and sub-surface deposits. Much more contrasty orange and black. Really bright orange ones are misleading, it’s these deep orange and black one, and they typically have this shape as well.

Fire off a prospector, and viola:

Or you can save your prospector and double check the surface for these tell-tale cracks:

They’re much easier to find if you put your headlights on, and use night vision mode.

After that, it’s really all about the BOOM:

Ooops, maybe a little too close, got toasted there!

Oh god, it’s so beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, here’s 40 minutes work. Not a fortune by experienced miner’s standards, but I’ll take it.

The only reason I stopped is I ran out of cargo space. I’ve also gotten far better at flying this AspX, it takes some getting used to, but I can park it nicely next to asteroids now.