Eliza - A very different game from Zachtronics

Seriously. Put aside all the tinkering with widgets and designing interlocking production systems. This is not the Zachtronics you know.

I’m buying this as soon as time and budget allow.

I played this for an hour last night and it’s really compelling. It’s very much a visual novel so far, but I like where it appears to be going story wise and examining the (lack of) concept of choice in what you say.

As someone who has practiced as a therapist, this “game” sounds like a nightmare I’ve had on occasion. No thanks!

Cool, it’s like his other games if you removed the ‘game’ bits. ;)

Finished this. Overall I really like it as a thought provoking exploration of the possible future of mental health, AI, and some other technological impacts. It’s very linear, but I knew that going in. Writing and acting are both very good and I think it’s worth experiencing.

Seconded. Finished this last night. The voice acting is really excellent. I just finished reading Katie William’s Tell the Machine Goodnight, which deals with some similar themes, in the sense that it is about technology and human happiness, which may have made this especially worthwhile.

If you have a few hours, this is definitely a worthwhile experience. I don’t regret spending that time on Eliza rather than with a book. Also, I needed something to do in my Rebel Galaxy Outlaw breaks!

If you like–or even can tolerate–visual novels, this is worth your time. Very well written, and impeccably voice acted and directed. Eliza manages to comment on some very relevant contemporary issues without being heavy handed or prescriptive. Easily the best visual novel I’ve played since Butterfly Soup. (Hey, you’ve played Butterfly Soup, right?)

Yeah, I really liked it myself. And I loved most of the characters, especially Evelyn and Maya.