End of 2017 gaming laptops


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It has been decided that I should get a gaming laptop, for various social and comfort reasons. So what’s a good baseline system spec right now?

My goal price is between $800-$900, so I expect it to provide reasonable performance but not be a bleeding edge machine.

Currently considering this Dell Inspiron 15-7000 which is $800. Specs are:
1050Ti with 4 Gb
256Gb SSD

This machine gets pretty good marks from TheWirecutter (it’s the runner up in the ‘budget gaming laptop’ category).

I don’t expect much in the way of sales on these puppies, though I’m keeping my eyes open.

Any thoughts as to whether I can do better in this price range?


Right on cue, Anandtech has answers for you:


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Looks like their recommendation in your price range is this one:



I bought this a few months ago and absolutely love it. And it has run every game I’ve thrown at it just fine. Smaller screen, but an i7.


The HD is only 256GB, but I’m fine with that and prefer SSD.


Ugh, no Lenovo. Lenovo is bad, don’t do it.


@Charlatan, ignore this charlatan. Lenovo is fine and I’ve had good customer service. I spilled a coffee on my last one and they sent me out a free replacement keyboard, without asking if it was under warranty. I heart Lenovo.


Hey, found a good summary:

In September 2015, however, it became apparent that the high-end ThinkPads, ThinkCenters and ThinkStations — built and promoted as alternatives to Apple computers — were being sold with preinstalled malware, the Lenovo Customer Feedback Program, that forwards personal usage data to Omniture on a daily basis.


They’ve since stopped. Or so they claim. Anyway, I just run malware checks and have been fine. But yes, worth noting.


You should be able to tie the windows license to your Microsoft account, then do a fresh install of windows 10 directly from Microsoft. That should take care of most of the crap ware they install.


Same Q but 1060 minimum?


I wouldn’t buy any variant of mobile AMD GPU this generation as they all suck for real gaming. You want a GTX 1050 or 1050ti for 1080p, or a 1060 if you really want to max out all settings and still get high framerates.


I shouldn’t have looked at this thread: now I am drooling.


Can laptops do VR gaming these days? Or more specifically, VR gaming for flight sims?


Looks like there are a couple of gaming laptop deals in my price range and specs. Any thoughts between the 3 of these?

$899 for Acer Predator Helios 3000: i7-7700HQ, 16GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, GTX 1060 w/6 GB RAM, 7 hour battery life

$799 for MSI GL62M: i7-7700HQ, 8GM RAM, 128 GB SSD + 1TB Hard Drive, GTX 1050Ti w/4 GB RAM, 4 hour battery life

$679 for Acer Nitro 5: i5-7300HQ, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, GTX 1050Ti w/4 GB RAM, 8.5 hour battery life

They all have IPS screens, 1920x1080 resolution and backlit keyboards.

The main questions are how significant are the following differences:

  • the difference between the i5-7300 and the i7-7700
  • the difference between a 1050Ti and a 1060
  • whether I want a mechanical hard drive or not (I expect that cuts down on the battery life, which is a small consideration).

Considering the 1st and 3rd machines, is it worth paying $200 more for 8 GB of RAM and to upgrade from a 1050Ti to a 1060?


RAM over 8GB doesn’t matter and the 1050ti will play 1080p games beautifully.

Reviews of the nitro say it runs hot and loud under load. So like, don’t game on your actual lap or you’ll burn your presumably externally-facing genitalia. Otherwise it should be fine and that price is a bargain.

@spiffy: Sure you can do VR on laptops. You just need a GPU that meets the minimum specifications (GTX 1060) and free HDMI and USB ports.


Thanks for the input, that is just the kind of opinion I needed!

Good think all my genitalia are inward-facing!

Did I say that out loud?


We bit on the $999 FX502 for my nephew.
1060, i7, SSD and 1tb, under 5 pounds, 16gb ram. Only bummer is TN panel and only the 3gb 1060. Will get him a nice 24” IPS monitor and kB/mouse for him to use as a dock in his dorm room.

Hoping it will run Ark reasonably well


Great desktop replacement, but that’s quite a brick to take to class. Hopefully he has a tablet or something for notes.


After I read about the Acer Nitro in a Black Friday computer bargains article at the Verge, I started worrying it might sell out, so I pulled the trigger on it. I use a lap board so I don’t need to worry about burning any sensitive areas.


5 pounds is a lot???