Enemy Engaged 2? Nice

Anyone know anything about this? Just got an e-mail from GTi about this: http://www.eech2.com/index2.html

I hope its a remake of the original, because the original was my second favorite helicopter sim after Longbow 2.

Canceled choppers to the rescue!

— Alan

Bit of mystery over the last year or so what exactly it would be, GMX confirmed that an Amazon listing was genuine and said they’d have more news soon. The community patches of the first game offer a substantial upgrade both visually and mechanically. The small numbers of switchology fans also get their fun, you can do RAMP starts and up the Radar complexity. The current version is also stable. The downside remains the multiplayer… its still as sick as it was in the retail release.

Bit awkard that. I’d prefer to see them go.

cancelled scifi choppers notwithstanding, that trailer made me drool and want to get good at flying choppers again.

It’s awesome to see the best and the brightest of the sim community step up to breathe life back into these abandoned sims. BOBII is still being updated and polished by a very dedicated design team, as is Falcon AF (One True Sim fucktards over at Frugals notwithstanding). EE was another one of those sims that nearly reached greatness, and will hopefully do so in its 2.0 release.