Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Literally every time I fire up Origin it asks me for this info again - admittedly I don’t use it often. The last time I tried to log in to uPlay they were having issues with the 2FA server, and I wasn’t able to see this until I’d burned 3 of my 6 emergency backup codes (my old phone bootlooped, and I needed to remove it).

Along those lines, I still don’t trust Epic’s security after getting inundated with emails about some random Russian IPs constantly trying to access my account. Support at the time had no good solution for me.

Certainly someone who goes so far as calling out that he uses Unreal Engine for his games in his Twitter bio has no incentive to hope Epic’s store does well.

I’m in the same boat that a few others have mentioned - if your game isn’t on Steam I’m likely to forget it exists. Sorry Forza, sorry Burnout, sorry Heroes of the Storm. We had some good times and we could’ve had more if I ever thought about you.

Sure Dave, that is it. Now go back to masturbating to Pokemon or whatever it is that you do.

I will concede, you are right, Origin asks it from time to time. I’m not sure if it’s once a month or what. In reality it’s a good measure for security, but one that is done at the expense of convenience, yeah.

Again, I have made zero personal attacks here except a general fuck off to the people who made them toward me. How is this allowed on this board, @tomchick?

Did you really just tattle on Granath because he made a crude comment towards you on a message board? Daaaaaad!

Did you really just try to shame another poster for insisting that forum rules be observed? What are you, the playground bully?

Naw, scratch all that. I’m out of this thread.

Except people have posted legitimate features that Steam has over Epic, even with a single player game. Will Epic eventually catch up? Maybe. Probably. For now, Epic is literally just a way to move game bits from their servers into your PC. Steam is more.

@DaveLong, I think the reason you’re getting some dismissive or hostile posts is because in this thread people are discussing their takes on the Epic store. Some people like it, and have listed their reasons. Some shrug and don’t really care either way. Some people have disliked it, and listed their reasons for feeling that way.


It’s extremely rude and dismissive to frame everyone as meatheads who need more Dudebros, or just hate Fortnite (what?!). When you’re rude and dismissive, people tend to be rude back.


I’m most annoyed that this bizarre Fortnite thing is going to come up in random threads for the next few years.

Bullshit. It’s a valid opinion. I read more than just Qt3 because I do not want to live in an echo chamber and there are a LOT of people who are specifically citing the success of Fortnite as part of their decision to avoid the Epic store.

Just because Qt3 wants to ignore it and personally attack the person with this opinion does not invalidate it. In fact, I think it lends it more validity because it’s the pus festering beneath this boil for some who have a real problem with clicking a different icon on their desktop with a separate login.

@KevinC You really don’t think this discussion isn’t different if Fortnite is PU:BG for example with the Fortnite level of success?

That’s silly and inane. I’ve never played Fortnite, not interested, and don’t care one way of the other about Epic. They could be rich, they could ge poor, doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is a game I wanted moving off a feature rich storefront that I like to one with an inferior customer experience.

I don’t know since this isn’t a game thread :)

Okay, but is there anyone here doing that? Because you’re discussing the matter here and you’re framing everyone here that doesn’t like it as a meathead in need of some Dudebro or just a Fortnite hater. Despite enumerating their reasons for not currently liking it.

I don’t. At all. On the Internet at large? Uh, maybe? But here? No!

I enjoy Fortnite. I bought it before there was a BR mode, I’ve played the crap out of it. Go look through the original Fortnite thread. That being said, I dislike a lot about the Epic store and how Epic is going about doing things. And I’ve listed those reasons out multiple times, it’s not anti-Fortnite bias or dudebroism.

I don’t give a shit if its Fortnite, PUG, LOL, WOW, TF2 or whatever game is successful enough to influence the industry.

Its all down to options, support and price.

Exactly, bringing in reasoning from somewhere else and then apparently attributing that argument to people here (since you never mention the discussion elsewhere) is going to lead to misunderstandings. People here are naturally going to assume you are talking about them.

PUBG is a buggy piece of shit, so I would probably be more annoyed if they launched a featureless store that bought exclusives.

Interesting to me - with release in two weeks and all physical copies coming with Epic keys surely this decision happened a while back? Logistics isn’t my area but feels like that’s not a change you make 2 weeks before launch, redoing the boxes and inserts and preparing them for shipment to stores.

My issue isn’t with having two or three or even 80 applications installed on my computer and I’m not talking about a computer limitation, I’m talking about my own inability to keep a mental currency of the storefronts/platforms that I’m buying/using games on. It’s a personal limitation, not a computational one.

I knew it was probably a mistake to give a precise number, but at some point I run out of that capacity to remember or care about platform X (we’ll leave aside why you feel that an application you have to run in order another application shouldn’t be considered a platform or just what makes a platform). Whether it’s three or five or fifty, I’m eventually going to forget about it – just like I did with Origin and GOG. I don’t even remember my login credentials for those, so that alone acts as an immediate barrier to me playing a game on that platform: I’ll need to reset a password/etc, then log in. Or I could play something in a platform that I have running and already open. This isn’t an issue somehow unique to the Epic client.

OMG! This is JUST like the console wars!!! Like, I had to spend all that money on a new console and now I have to… move my mouse… ALL the way over there.

Maybe if people keep idly dropping this inane comment into the thread the real arguments will go away.

So this thread is only for discussion of the groupthink of Qt3. Got it. I’m out then.

Someone post the pic.