Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


I have similar problems with the Oculus store, and IIRC Nintendo as well (although I think there’s might be a little better, it’s been a while). It drives me bonkers.


Well then gamers are not really “winning” are they?

If the goal is to get exclusives and keep prices high, then it’s not pro consumer.


The first version of steam was what? a launcher.

give it time. they will add more features.


Always see this argument and always find it stupid (no offense) - Epic is not trying to compete with Steam 2004, but with Steam 2018.
But yes, they will add more features next year for sure.


Under that kind of argument, we’re lucky that anytime someone makes an application that a mouse works with it all. I mean… you can only go back so far with these kind of silly comparisons.


So someone pick apart my superior logic here. :)

Why not just sell your game on both the EPIC store and STEAM, but on STEAM charge an extra 30% or whatever. It allows the game to be on both digital service, and the developers get the same cut. People have the choice then to buy where they want, well knowing they have the option to pay the STEAM tax for having it on that service.


Because Steam’s sales agreements prohibit different prices on different stores beyond periodic sales.


I dislike it. Big picutes, hardly any substantial information, no real browsing. I prefer my digital stores to be accessible catalogs of goods that get me informed while I make decisions / buy stuff.
It’s like Netflix: “Why bother who’s directed this movie? There are three great lines of advertising info! And it’s shiny and new. And our algorithm says it fits you well.” …yeah.

I like information and I like a good overview. Hence I don’t like this store.

Anyways it’s meant for all the kids growing up with Fortnite and not knowing what Steam is. I’d imagine this one main drive behind this thing…


Wait what?

two no questions refunds per player within 2 weeks of purchase?

Why would I need 2 refunds?


Steam is the brick and mortar store where you check out a product. Epic is when you buy it later from Amazon.


For the life of your account, not per product.


It’s like a game itself, one of those rare resources you hold onto just in case you need it, and before you know it, you’re done and you never used them!


Since Epic’s store (for the moment) doesn’t have any DRM or required game hooks, they can’t track your playtime, so they can’t offer Steam’s “refund anything less than 2 hours played” policy. Which means any refund policy they do offer is rife with exploits that allow people to trivially “steal” games. So they don’t really have any choice but to limit it to uses per account, although 2 total refunds seems a bit harsh.


Let’s stop right here. They made choices. No one forced them into this position and it’s not as if they’re unaware how Steam works and who their competitor is. So don’t give excuses. They made a choice, a series of choices if you will, and decided not to give easy refunds as a result. It was 100% their decision, and they could have made a different one.


Maybe you shouldn’t assume someone else’s motivations? I wasn’t expressing support. I don’t really care. I was simply explaining the series of decisions that resulted in the situation they have.


You literally said they don’t have a choice, and they do. You’re giving them an excuse they don’t deserve. Why you’re giving it to them, I don’t know. But I know you are because it’s right there.



But that is for “no questions asked” refunds. I am assuming for other refund scenarios (like within 24 hours etc) would be a different story then.


Hopefully! Given that’s the entirety of the refund section in their FAQ, I’m not holding my breath just yet.


What this means is you can’t use the refund policy as a 2 hour game demo-- which is a bummer for many people, to be sure. That’s one of Steam’s better features.

But if you purchase a game and don’t like it, or it actually doesn’t work, you can return it.

I own hundreds of games on Steam and I’ve refunded precisely zero.


You are aware any computer that can run Steam can also run the Epic Store? Having all your game purchases go through Steam is not actually some unalienable right you have. Clearly a lot of developers are unhappy with Steam for various reasons and are excited for the prospect of getting a better deal.

Nope. I think the much better terms alone are enough. And Unreal based game pays Epic 1/3rd what they’d have to pay Steam+Epic.

Tens of millions of people installed the store for a single game. The idea it won’t be used to get more games is ludicrous.