Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


They don’t need your money. Millions of Fortnite kids are buying their games.


I’d love to see stats on Fortnite players that have bought other games on the store. I can imagine the percentage is quite low.


Be ready for Borderlands 3 on Epic store, btw. It runs on UE4 so they have an even better revenue share than usual.


That tweet is from three months ago.

But maybe it’s true. That’s ok :) I’m happy to wait a year or more for the game to be on Steam, on sale and fully patched. It’s not like my backlog is shrinking.


I’d be happy to see it on the Epic store. Not so happy to see it be an exclusive on the store.


Maybe it is because it says Duval in his Twitter name which I first read as Devil but does he not resemble Satan to a certain extent in that photo?


Steam? Epic? Doesn’t matter to me. I doubleclick an icon and I play.


This was a good post. Worth a read.


Agree to disagree Bluddy. What I saw is the same promise that Facebook made news publishers and that didn’t end in a pretty way for them. “Come to us, and we’ll make everyone rich. You can trust us.”. But as soon as Facebook had you, bam, changes in the terms.

YouTube is a similar situation. They make the rules and dictate the actions. Content creators are at their mercy without a new platform to go to

You can’t be dependent on a single platform, because then you end up being at the mercy of that platform. With Epic, sure they have exclusives, but those are timed exclusive, so you will see those games on other store fronts after only a single year, and as long as the game isn’t tied to a single platform, developers will have more options and more sale in how their games are marketed or treated.


Agree to disagree indeed.


This is really bad if true: Epic Games Launcher collects your Steam friends and play history.


SteamSpy. Heh. It makes so much sense.

Epic Store reads your Steam data


Sounds like someone is about to see a GDPR order.


Wow, and what if say they were to create a plan to give away free games to get everyone to install the EPIC game launcher. To be able to mine your Steam data?



I only have 3 friends (My wife, Talisker and Creole_Ned. And I don’t care if they watch me playing XXX Hentai Bikini Babes Xtreme Date Sim Anime Lustbots Grim Dawn.


How can you only have 3 friends with that wonderful avatar.


Because I’m shy.


Props to your wife for not being bothered by ahem Grim Dawn when the client pops up that little notification.


Epic Games is just so scummy. This is exactly the problem. Their ‘roadmap’ seems noble, but the moves they’ve been making have been aggressive and dismissive of consumers. There’s a great danger lurking in them, rather than Valve, dominating the PC scene.


It’s just one more launcher… with your credit card information, personal information, and now mining data off your Steam account without your permission!