Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Gosh, this is a really surprising development from Epic. They’ve been so customer-focused in their drive to make the Epic Store a thing, I never saw something like this coming.


Wonder if they are pulling Steam DB info to see which Steam titles/devs/genres have the most user “engagement” to input into their decisions for offering Devs exclusivity deals?


Seems like a smart move.

Now I am paranoid about the info Steam has on me…


That’s why I never actually play any games on Steam, I just buy them.


I’m greatly anticipating Epic’s explanation for this behavior.


People, “Epic, this is preposterous. So what do you have to say for yourselves?”
Epic, "Free 30-day Battlepass! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

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Epic is actually unaware there’s a backlash due to their lack of forums.


And they can’t be review bombed either because there aren’t any reviews. :D


It’s genious really



Its a lot. Just fyi.

Not that excuses Epic getting in on the spying on gamers act.

But yeah its bullshit Epic (and all game companies who do this, which is most) should get much more heat for this stealing of data.

note: the industry code word for spying on you is called “telemetry” just as an fyi. So if you ever want to ask a publisher what they track if you are not lucky enough to live in a GDPR country ask about that.


We need better consumer privacy laws. It’s mine data, I should get to have a say one how it’s used and who can have it.




Amen to that.

Also, it’s one thing for an application to gather data on their user’s behavior and send that up to the mothership. That sort of telemetry is perfectly fine if it’s opt-in, and distasteful but acceptable if it’s opt-out. And unacceptable if you aren’t allowed to opt out, as in Windows.

It’s another thing entirely to mine data from another competing application on the same system. That’s completely unacceptable behavior, that’s rootkit shit.


Remember how Facebook mined all of that user data and information without explicit consent so they could better target their ads programs? That went well right? People love the Facebook!


That’s a little beyond the pale. Fuck their shitty free games, I’m deleting.


Amen. I believe there is going to be a series of laws and massive customer backlash against companies spying on customers.

Rightfully so. Its bullshit and needs to stop entirely. Even “opt in” like social networks bury in their TOS is bullshit , it just needs to be illegal. Period.


Steam fully complies with GDPR. Here’s their privacy agreement. Equating this to Epic’s sh*** practices is ridiculous.


Why not? How does that make a difference who has my data. They can sell it to anyone they want after they get it.


You win the Sarcasm Award of the Month.

Well done.