Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Oh man, I don’t want to go back to that ever again. I’m not looking for Steam to be my main place to go to a game forum - that’s here, but I’ve had great luck finding info on a problem I’ve encountered. Occasionally I’ll post a question and get a useful reply most of the time.

Control is now free on EGS. Go get it, if you don’t already have it.

UI wise, the app could be better.

Who thought that putting all the uninstalled games in greyscale was a good idea? It makes visual identification of the games a bit harder than it should be

The order of the library is also lacking, the is no option of putting the installed games at the start, before the uninstalled ones, you can to use the filter to choose one view or the other.

EGGS! is also giving away three months of free Discord Nitro, in case you ever really wanted to use that one emoji across communities.

Understatement of a century. It’s trash.

I mean you can just filter so it only shows installed games, that is what I do anyway.

But it’s so hard to even find the game you just bought, so that you can install it and get it to the top of the list!

It really is quite amazing how little progress they’ve made on the app, while being willing to pour endless amount of money into to project otherwise.

I switched to the list and sorted by alphabetical, and it’s easy to find games in the library now. The default sort in grid mode is, yes, kind of a nonsensical nightmare.

That’s what gets me. I hadn’t used EGS for about a year, but this week I have used it twice. It doesn’t seemed to have changed at all. They aren’t improving it. Which is fine I guess, but I like the extra stuff and will continue to use Steam because of that.

Was there always an option under setting to install Online Services? Or throttle Downloads, or Enable Offline Mode Browsing?

I don’t think I’ve noticed those before.

That doesn’t work for me, usually, because I sometimes forget the name of the game I recently bought. So even in an alphabetical listing, I’m just going through the list of so many games (mostly gotten for free), thinking “wait, is this the game I bought last weekend? Or was this one of the ones I got for free?”. Then I go to order history. Oh yes, yes, yes, it starts with M, got it, then go back to the list and look for it.

What about Recent? - oh that is just recently played I guess.

Yeah, recent is no good.

Still no achievements outside of Ark and a couple of other test titles.

Shopping Cart still in development!

If they keep giving us $10 coupon, I don’t want a shopping cart.

And if they stop giving us $10 coupon, I possibly don’t want a shopping cart then either.

Do Shopping Carts encourage selling a game piece meal style, with tiny DLCs for everything?

Here is a case where a shopping cart is useful.

At some point Epic gave away Railway Simulator for free. I wanted to pick up all the DLC expansions. I then realized that would mean making like 9 small charge transactions in a row and possibly having my bank raise a flag at that activity.

I ended up just buying all of it on Steam where the purchasing experience is better.

Since that time the Devs added a Complete DLC Bundle SKU which would have addressed my issue, but it wasn’t present at the time I looked. This is certainly an edge case, but an example that drove me to another store.

DLC purchasing on Epic is generally subpar unless the title has bundled SKUs. I miss the ‘Add all DLC to cart’ feature from Steam.