Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Lack of infinite scrolling!

Switch to iPhone? :-P

Also when I search for something on Steam I can click the thread title to be taken to the top of the thread or the post content to be taken to that specific post. That’s something I wish Discourse could do.

I really want to, but you know what they say, if you need that one feature, and the phone doesn’t have it, it doesn’t really exist for you.

For me, its Fortnite. Without it, I just can’t make the switch. /s.

Actually, for me it is the Amazon App store. I have a fair number of Apps I got for free when it first came out, I use a few of them still, every day.

I think I see the problem some are having with searching Steam forums.

You’re not using Google’s search.


Sadly the answer to everything. Reddit, arguably one of the biggest forums, has terrible internal search

I’ve been thinking along those lines while reading this discussion. I almost never use a forum’s search function, I just use Google and it’s done a better job than any forum search I’ve tried.

Discourse’s search is pretty good. I haven’t had to resort to Google since the switch.

Discourse is fucking great. From its text editing, to how embedding is done to the search. I love it dearly.

I agree, it’s even better when it has likes turned on!

It has its issues on the admin/hosting side, but the user experience is tops, IMO.

Some steam forums are better than others. It’s true. But feel free to continue to believe whatever you want to believe.

Like I got a lot of good feedback/advice from the Underrail steam forum. Also the main benefit of Steam forums is they show up in google searches about issues/solutions/etc. A lot! It’s an absolute treasure trove of information.

I browse them all the time on my iPad. Works just fine

Tablets don’t need a mobile version, phones do.

Unless he’s using iOS 8 or something. It used to pull the mobile version of sites, but that changed years ago.

Anyway, I have used the Steam forums on my iPhone (just this morning in fact), and they work great.

It is known.


Boy can you guys derail a thread!

(not a criticism, I do it too all the time–most recently discussing the 1980s farce Top Secret!–one of the things I kind of love about this place is there’s no official “take it to another thread” moderation)

It’s times like this that you just have to take a moment and be thankful we’re not talking about pizza.

EDIT: goddamnit, @shurem! :)

So ah… Deep dish or thick crust pizza?