Equifax breached ... 140 million accounts. The worse breach in history.


Got frozen on Experian and Transunion (though Experian kept bugging out and my pending charges now show 3 $10 charges and 1 $10 credit, so I’ll see how that balances out before I yell at someone).

Equifax site just 500s all over the place.


Keep trying, late at night or early in the morning would be most likely towork. They’re probably seeing load 1000s of times their normal volume and are strongly incentivized not to expand capacity to meet that load as remember, they do not actually want you to freeze your credit, it’s a service they are forced to offer by law.


You guys are crazy. I’ll bet you a steak dinner no one at Equifax will go to jail or even be charged, they will pay no fine, and no government action will take place. There will be hand waving and clucking, that’s it.

I hate the credit rating and reporting system. I hate that everyone gets drug tested before any kind of employment. I hate giving my social security number out to every Tom, Dick and Harry. I fight doctors offices ALL the TIME over this. You can want the system to change, but you have to change everyone’s views on privacy and security. The generation below me (the millenials, or whatever) gives zero fucks about their privacy. The game is over, and Equifax won.


Oh if those executives are really guilty of insider trading, they will bleed for it.

The rest of the company, I agree nothing will happen. The only way to fix this is congress, and while they’re all “troubled”, they aren’t going to do dick.


They are not, unfortunately, guilty of insider trading. Insider trading is generally defined as when you act on insider information sources at a different company (one you don’t work for, I.e. you are an outsider) and make a profit the general public was not privvy to. The general idea is that it erodes faith in investing in the market being fair.

What they did is just sell their own stock in the company they worked for, using information the general public didn’t have. The SEC has no problem with this at all. You may argue that they broke their fiduciary duty to the shareholders, and be terminated for that… but what they did isn’t insider trading. Isn’t that rotten?



What they did is literally the first example of illegal insider trading.


Thank you.

The “you have to be an outsider to be convicted of insider trading” was killing me


Yeah, that… was crazy.


I couldn’t get any of the web sites to work reliably, but DID manage to freeze all 3 via phone at 1am this morning.

It does piss me off that they charge money to freeze (and more to unfreeze) credit. These fuckers run a protection racket and get paid at every turn. Even if (and perhaps even more) when they fail to do their jobs!



Yes, they prey on consumers. They’re leeches, and it’s all legal.


I can confirm this with a photo of their server/network cabinet for Credit Freezes.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Friday said she had begun an investigation into Equifax’s massive data breach and, along with 11 other Democratic senators, would introduce a bill to give consumers the ability to freeze their credit at no charge.

Warren, who has built a reputation as a champion of consumers and who often challenges the finance industry, also wrote letters to Equifax and its rival credit-monitoring agencies TransUnion and Experian, federal regulators, and the Government Accountability Office for information to see whether new federal legislation was needed to protect consumers.

“I am troubled by this attack — described as ‘one of the largest risks to personally sensitive information in recent years’ — and by the fact that it represents the third recent instance of a data breach of Equifax or its subsidiaries that has endangered American’s personal information,” she wrote in a letter to Equifax’s chairman and CEO, Richard Smith.

Warren, the top Democrat on the Senate Subcommittee for Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection, said the proposed bill would stop companies like Equifax from charging consumers for freezing and unfreezing access to their credit files. A credit freeze restricts access to a person’s credit report, which can stop account fraud when thieves apply for credit using another person’s information.
The attention from Warren and potential legislative action increases the chances the data leak could lead to broader industry changes and increased regulatory scrutiny longer term.
In her letter to the CFPB, which is under attack by Republicans who believe it is already too powerful, Warren asked whether the agency had “adequate statutory authority to regulate credit reporting agencies and protect consumers” and solicited the CFPB’s feedback on what other powers it may require to better regulate them.

At least three bills were introduced Thursday in response to the hack. Four Democratic senators, including Ed Markey of Massachusetts, sponsored legislation that would require Equifax and other data brokers be held accountable for errors.


Not sure if it’s just clean livin’ or dumb luck, but I succeeded at both transunion and equifax right smack in the middle of my lunch hour today. TU was a pain because they require you to make an account, only after going through it all with the usual page-loading delays it turned out I had an account already (with an address that is > 7 years old). Equifax took two tries, but only a few minutes on actual hands-on time.


Well done!

I’m growing increasingly smug that I did this 2 years ago.


Revel in your well-deserved smugness!

And one day in the future you can regale the street urchins that harass you while you sip your black coffee and suck on your hard boiled egg about the time you became the Only Man that wisely stopped his credit, and that you don’t need credit to buy eggs, and why are my eggs so hard boiled they have that green rind around the yolk that mutt of a cook i oughta get outa here you mangy kids! and throw your shoe at them. Ah, that’s just old stusser, tellin’ kids about the time he froze his credit way back in '15.


I stopped reading right there, and thanks, I will.


Ah, no offense, just trying to be a bit funny. I tend toward self-depreciating types. You were right of course.


So is the Equifax credit freeze 1-888 number a 24 hour one, or do I have to call before 5 PM central or some such BS? I’ve already got my credit frozen, but got stuck with one of the sooper-seekrit date-time stamp PINs a number of months back.



That was my attempt at a snarky response, I was not offended!