Escape from Paradise City: Strategy/RPG with zombies and gangs

For anyone still interested in this, Newegg has it for $15 with free shipping. Reviews here.

I have to retract my defintion of RTS as far as this concerned. There are strategic elements, but as far as I’ve played so far it has no real RTS capabilities

Mmm, this sounds cool.

Hummm, there are NO, repeat, NO mention of zombies in the linked preview. I am…dissapointed.

No zombies? Fuck that shit…

I actually played Gangland because the premise seemed neat and non-traditional. But it was too fussy and RTS-like for my tastes. I was too busy scrolling around maps and micromanaging my guys to really sit back and enjoy what was going on. Hothouse’s Gangsters, covered alot of the same territory and, while still fairly chaotic at times, it felt more manageable to me. YMMV.

The reviews are not very good.